The Northman (2022) Movie Review

The Northman Movie Review

After obtaining the success of The Witch (2015) and The Lighthouse (2019). This year, the director from the United States, Robert Eggers, returns to present a film with a strong historical feel named The Northman. Even though it's not entirely in the horror genre like in the previous films, The Northman still comes with a thick and gripping dark feel throughout its phases. This is also supported by the typical cinematography style of Robert Eggers, making this film feel very dark even though it does not have a horror spice in it.

The Northman was released on April 22, 2022. Honestly, I was interested in watching this film after seeing the trailer, as well as the enthusiasm from the netizens in the comments column. Yes, considering I don't really like the history genre, so I won't have high expectations when watching this film.

However, who would have thought that The Northman was able to attract my attention throughout the duration of the film. Although the conflict of this film is not as complicated as in The Witch and The Lighthouse. But, I must admit that The Northman managed to appear in his own style, especially in the depiction of the Viking war which is very Epic for me actually.

The Northman tells the story of Prince Amleth (Alexander Skarsgård) who must fight to avenge the death of his father, King Aurvandill War - Raven (Ethan Hawke), after being killed by his own uncle. So, throughout the film, the story will focus on the prince's struggles, from when he just escaped from his uncle's pursuit to growing up and joining the Viking army, to finally returning to where he came from to carry out his revenge on his own uncle.

This film is set in the Middle Ages. In my opinion, the location is very appropriate. For example, many mountainous scenes - beautiful mountains with vast grasslands seem to indicate that society in that era was still very primitive. Even though I don't know for sure what the landscape was like in the Middle Ages. At least, with the many beautiful natural scenes in this film is enjoyable to watch.

For a film with a duration of almost 2 hours, The Northman does not involve many characters in it, so the deepening of the character of each character is more mature, especially for the main character who from the beginning has already received more spotlight. As an effect, you as the audience will feel the conflict experienced by Prince Amleth, starting from how he saw his father being beheaded, his struggles in the Viking army, to his journey to his place of birth to avenge his father's death.

The character of Prince Amleth, played by Alexander Skarsgård, also managed to be displayed quite optimally. Alexander Skarsgård's expression, which was always firm, indicated that the prince of Amleth was indeed carrying a great burden to avenge his father's death. His stout posture is also ideal when he joins in, so it looks natural.

I personally like the most when Prince Amleth fights as a Viking, where in this scene it is very clear why the Viking troops in that era were so feared. His stout and sturdy posture, complete with an ax as his weapon, is enough to be a terrible scourge for any enemy who will face him. What's more, the Viking army's extremely barbaric and primitive way of fighting showed that this army was unforgiving in the slightest.

This film will also present various sadistic and brutal scenes, so for those who can't stand these elements, I suggest skipping this movie. Although the sadism is still in a reasonable stage, it is enough to make this film have an Adult rating.

In addition to telling the story of the prince's journey in his quest for revenge, The Northman also presents Prince Amleth's romance with a woman named Olga (Anya Taylor-Joy). The side of romance that's displayed is also not exaggerated and is still very influential in the course of the story, so that part of it is still interesting for you to follow. The acting quality of Anya Taylor-Joy is good and also adds attraction when watching this film.

The only thing I think is still lacking from this film is that there is still a lack of interaction between Prince Amleth and his father. That makes Prince Amleth's journey to take revenge as if forced by his own father by making an oath. It can be a different story if the relationship between Prince Amleth and his father was shown up at the beginning of the film, so that makes his revenge feel more reasonable.

It may also be because the contents of the trailer for the film have revealed that Prince Amleth's father was killed, so the role of Prince Amleth's father in this film cannot be discussed too deeply. However, at least the director Robert Eggers has shown a stunning cinematic quality, so the element of weakness in The Northman is not so obvious because it has been covered by the many advantages that already exist.



7.8 is the right score for this movie because it manages to show a film with a unique historical feel, also supported by a good cinematography model, which is the main attraction for you, especially lovers of the history genre, to watch the film The Northman.

The Northman is also good to watch for you that love the adventure genre because throughout this film you will be presented with various beautiful natural scenery which will certainly spoil your eyes.

With a slow plot, The Northman might be boring for some of you. However, actually, this film can still be enjoyed in terms of its appearance which is quite charming, as well as from a historical point of view about the life of the Vikings which is very interesting for you to watch.



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