Everything Everywhere At All Once (2022) Movie Review

Everything Everywhere At All Once Review

In the last 2 years, the concept of the multiverse seems to be increasingly in demand by many people, making it a genre of its own that is always awaited by the audience.

In 2022, we definitely agree that the multiverse phenomenon is very closely attached to MCU films, especially in the Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness movie which was just released a few months ago.

Although the MCU has a big role in the emergence of the multiverse, this concept can actually be shown in other films as well.

Well, that's the thought that might have been in the minds of 2 directors Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, which they later succeeded in pouring into the film with the title Everything Everywhere At All Once.

Not only showing the multiverse concept, but this movie also features action, comedy, and science fiction genres which are certainly very interesting additions to develop the concept of the multiverse genre which is still attached to Marvel superhero films.

The film's rating, which has now reached an 8.6 score on the IMDB site, certainly makes this film predicted to be the best multiverse-themed film this year. But will it be true? Let's just look at the following reviews:

Laundry Owners Who Have Many Problems

This film tells the story of Evelyn Quan Wang (Michelle Yeoh), a laundry business owner who is busy with his own work every day.

Her various business affairs are very troublesome, making Evelyn's harmony with her family a victim, resulting in her husband, Waymond Wang (Ke Huy Quan) having intentions of getting a divorce, as well as his son's drama asking for his blessing regarding a love affair with his "girlfriend".

It's not enough, Evelyn also has to face other problems, where now her laundry business is in danger of being confiscated due to a tax report that has not been taken care of.

Missions to Save Different Universe

During all the problems she faces, Evelyn is suddenly surprised by the strange behavior of her own husband, Waymond, who turns out to have changed his mind about Waymond in another universe.

"Alpha Waymond" as he is called, says that Evelyn is the only person who can save her world from the evil forces of Jobu Tupaki who plan to destroy every existing universe.

Jobu Tupaki is a human being who can transfer his mind freely with his other self throughout the existing universe so that his abilities become very numerous and no one can match him.

Yes, just imagine that you can have your thoughts and abilities in all versions of the universe, it will automatically become over power.

Multiverse concept wrapped in the comedy genre

I had said at the outset that this film would have a comedy genre as well, which turned out to be very subtle in every phase.

Yes, although this film is not dominant in the comedy genre, the comedy elements wrapped in the multiverse concept in this film managed to make me laugh out loud.

For example, the scene where Jobu Tupaki changes make-up during a fight makes him look absurd and entertaining, eliminating his cruel and terrible impression at the beginning of the film.

Everything Everywhere At All Once also manages to show several other movie references in it which are again wrapped with absurd comedy elements, for example, in the Ratatouille movie which in this film is described with things that are more absurd than the original film, the main thing is that the comedy elements will be full with the absurd throughout the film.

Michelle Yeoh's Perfect Acting

Review Everything Everywhere At All Once
Michelle Yeoh as Evelyn Quan Wang
It must be admitted that Michelle Yeoh's acting as Evelyn in this film is very impressive. None of her actings disappoints, from her acting as a laundry maid who has many problems, to acting as a martial arts expert, Michelle Yeoh can do everything very well.

His natural-looking Chinese and English accents also make him stand out in this film.

Ke Huy Quan's Attractive Appearance

Review Everything Everywhere At All Once
Ke Huy Quan as Waymond Wang
Not inferior to Michelle Yeoh, Ke Huy Quan who plays Waymond also managed to perform very well.

I myself really like his distinctive style of language when compared to other characters. Moreover, when he had to change his mind with Alpha Waymond which at first glance made it seem like he had another personality.

I have to admit that in this film, Ke Huy Quan is very successful in finding his own spotlight as a stunning supporting character.

Have a Story with a Very Deep Meaning

Although at first glance Everything Everywhere At All Once looks like a comedy film with an absurd multiverse plot, but who would have thought that the message contained in this film turned out to have a very deep meaning.

This film has a message that a mother's love for her child and family cannot be replaced by anything. No matter how heavy the problems Evelyn faced, as a mother she still fought as hard as she could for her own family.

Even though her own child has a sexual disorder, even though her husband asked for a divorce, this did not stop Evelyn from continuing to fight. Anyway, for the mothers out there, you are the best.

Is it worth it to watch?

100% Worth it!
In my opinion, Everything Everywhere At All Once is indeed the most ridiculous multiverse film so far thanks to its well-organized plot, smooth comedy elements, good acting, basically almost everything was executed perfectly.

Big applause to Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert who have managed to execute this film well, which can now be considered a "masterpiece".

This film also contains full family friendly content. So, you can really watch it with your family to fill the holidays on the weekend.



That's almost perfect score for this movie because again and again this movie does manage to appear very perfectly.

Maybe the weakness is only in a few small details, such as how Alpha Waymond's technology (which is placed on the ear) can be directly teleported to the Evelyn universe which throughout the film is not explained at all, but I can still understand that because from the beginning this film has been shown. with a story plot that is very light and doesn't think much.

So, what now? Are you ready to explore different universes with Evelyn?



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