B: The Beginning Review

B: The Beginning Review

B: The Beginning is an animated series created by Production I.G and Kazuto Nakazawa. The series premiered on March 2nd, 2018, on the Netflix platform. I think it's the first sci-fi thriller anime to be released on Netflix.

Netflix's development stage in the animation world, especially anime, has indeed been very intense in recent years, and B: The Beginning is one of the successes of Netflix's hard work to continue to develop the quality of its animation.

So far, Netflix's original anime series has indeed brought a new quality and is very different when compared to anime in general. Many people consider it innovative, but many people criticize it because the animation looks weird and stiff, especially in the Netflix anime series fighting genre.

As seen in the anime Baki Hanma, Kengan Ashura, and Shuumatsu no Valkyrie, for example, The three anime use a mix of 3D animation that makes the fighting movements look real, but it also looks weird and makes no sense.

That factor makes me a little worried, because judging from the trailer, B: The Beginning seems to be filled with fight scenes filled with supernatural powers. But that's all just my expectation because it turns out that B: The Beginning focuses more on solving a detective-style mystery filled with puzzles and plot twists.

The story focuses on a detective named Keith Flick, who must find the mastermind behind a serial murder case dubbed "Killer B." The nickname was given because the perpetrators always left a B-shaped pattern.

Not a single fingerprint was left behind, and the victim's unrelatedness made Killer B's motive very difficult to trace. Who really is Killer B? What's the motive? What does the B mark he left mean? These mysteries must be uncovered by Keith Flick as a detective.

This Keith Flick character at a glance makes me remember the character Light Yagami in the Death Note anime. Both of them have above-average intelligence and childish behavior. Keith Flick was even nicknamed by his co-workers "Genie", which means Genius.

This is not without reason, because Keith Flick can always think one step ahead, and can handle all cases in his own way. Even though he looks like an annoying father, complete with long hair and a beard that is allowed to grow thickly on his face. But make no mistake; once he can think clearly, all problems will be solved right away.

B: The Beginning successfully portrays the great detective persona of Keith Flick. But unfortunately, every detail that Keith Flick does in solving the problem is not very clearly displayed, so it makes a perfectionist audience like me tend to enjoy it a little less.

From the start, it's been explained that Keith Flick is a genius, but the thing that makes him look genius is only in the formulas he wrote without me understanding at all what the point is, yet it's not explained in the series anyway.

He also knew all the info related to Killer B from his father's diary, thus making Keith Flick's character more inclined to be "Lucky" than "Genius".

B: The Beginning also does not present a chase between the detective and the murderer, because the story itself will be wider than that. Anyway, just watch it yourself instead of being curious.

When compared to other mystery thriller anime, B: The Beginning is arguably the most underrated anime, considering the potential that can be achieved by this anime is still very interesting to explore further.

This anime also has a second season with the title B: The Beginning Succession. Rumor has it that the story is still continuing from the first season, so it's definitely going to be interesting for those of you who have watched the first season. I have just seen the first season. As for the second season, I think I'll just make a review tomorrow because I'll just start watching it later.



I have to admit that the quality of Netflix animation does have a good improvement when viewed from the anime B: The Beginning. But unfortunately, the lack of aspects in some respects, such as in the less detailed and intense fighting scenes, makes this anime still lacking compared to other anime.

The story of B: The very deep Beginning may also make some of you feel bored, but considering that this anime carries the mystery thriller genre, it is still quite reasonable. Anyway, for those of you who like similar anime, such as Stein's Gate and Death Note, surely you won't be bored while watching this anime B: The Beginning.



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