Love, Death and Robots Volume 1 Review

Love, Death and Robots Volume 1 Review

The concept of analogy in a film or series has not been made much, considering the concept is arguably absurd, making the hype very difficult to build when compared to the concept of films or series in general.

What can you expect from an anthology? A series of stories that are not related to each other, seem odd, only under the same theme, so they can all be united under one title.

Honestly, I didn't even have any expectations before watching this series on Netflix, because, before this, I remember the last anthology film I watched was ABC of Death, and I have to say that the majority of the film's content was bad.

But who would have thought, it turns out, that the series, which was produced by Joshua Donen, David Fincher, Jennifer Miller, and Tim Miller, could amaze me with the concept of adult animation that can no longer be expressed in words?

This series is like a paradise for analogy lovers because every story can make those who watch it feel very impressed. All the things that appear on the screen are interesting to watch. There is not a single story that seems unintentional and makes you bored while watching it. Everything is perfect.

As the title suggests, Love, Death, and Robots contain various stories with the same 3 themes, namely romance, death, and robots (or things that smell like the future). All the stories are packed with various models of animation, with an adult rating.

So, even though this is an animated form, don't let it happen with children, because in every episode there will be various sadistic and sexual scenes, which, of course, are very unfriendly for children.

This series will take you to various stories with a duration of fewer than 20 minutes in each episode. Watching this series feels like watching a movie, but only in the climax and anti-climax sections because that's where the center of the excitement of the entire film is.

Despite the lack of character depth and the absurd plot of the story, everything is still understandable with the splendor of the animation displayed. For me, no matter how absurd the concept is, if the animation is as good as this, it's still interesting to watch.

The story, which mostly features various murder scenes, is also very interesting to me, as I really like the thriller genre. Moreover, there is David Fincher in the producer's column, making this series appear very promising in its thriller genre.

The Love Death and Robots Volume 1 series open with a story called Sonnie's Edge, which tells the story of a character named Sonnie with various skills in the field of combat due to her dark past.

After only a few seconds of the episode starting, I can immediately conclude that this series has an animation quality that is not arbitrary. Various details, ranging from character design, city environment, and fighting scenes, are all polished very finely, so it was difficult for me to look away from the screen throughout the story.

The sensuality scene that gives the impression is also not forced, because it will all lead to a simple plot twist that will appear at the end of the story. From that one episode alone, I had a hunch that this series would be the best anthology I've ever watched, and it turned out to be the case.

The subsequent episodes have the same advantages: stunning animations with romance, thriller, and sci-fi genre stories that will keep you interested in watching them.

The episode with the title "Suits" became the best episode for me throughout this series because in this episode the story is very solid, complete with a mind-blowing ending.

Most of the episodes in this series will have a pretty gripping feel because they are full of thrillers and murderous genres.

But don't worry, this series also has several episodes with comedic nuances. For example, you can see in the episode entitled "When the Yogurt Took Over," which explains when the leadership of the world government has been taken over by Yogurt.

There is also another comedy episode with the title "Alternate Histories" which tells us about various alternate histories when Adolf Hitler died in different ways. There will be many possibilities for Adolf Hitler's death, which will be brought up in a humorous way, such as dying from jelly, being hit by a meteor, being hit by a meteor, etc.

With a duration that is not too long, Love, Death, and Robots seem to be a series that is suitable for spending time on the sidelines of busy work. What's more, with the story ending immediately in each episode, it makes the audience not have to think too hard. Anyway, just enjoy it like watching an animated series for children. The difference is that this is for an adult rating.



A rating of 9 is very suitable to be given to this series thanks to the quality of the animation, which is very stunning, complete with the thriller genre that I really like.

Anyway, for those of you who want to watch movies but are afraid of wasting too much time, it's better to just watch this series. Try watching one episode. The duration is just right for the rest of the time, and it's good for refreshing before going through the routine.

So, for those of you who have watched it, which episode do you like best from this series? Please just write your opinion in the comments column.



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