B: The Beginning Succession Review

B: The Beginning Succession Review

Having a long lag time from the first season makes fans of this series definitely have high expectations. However, will this mystery thriller anime from Netflix have more satisfying results? Too bad the answer is no.

The second season of the series B: The Beginning is very disappointing. In fact, if you look at the first season, this anime actually has great potential to be developed, but for some reason it is not used properly. On the contrary, it should be with the second season, the quality of the animation is getting better, this is even worse.

The plot is actually still continuing the story from the previous season, now Koku and Yuna have lived together and live a normal life like humans in general. Until one day, came Kirisame who was Koku's childhood friend when he was still in the orphanage. This Kirisame character used to be said to be Koku's best friend, but somehow the story now turns into an antagonist and becomes the main threat to Koku.

The storyline of B: The Beginning Succession is inconsistent, because there are many odd things that need to be explained before moving on to the second season. How Kirisame can live and why he can become the main enemy of Koku should be explained at the beginning of the story. It should be necessary to use 2 OVA episodes first, for example, which can be used as a bridge before the second season is released to introduce new characters and conflicts that will later appear. So let the audience understand the role of each new character that will appear.

But I don't know what the timing is, all the elements in this anime feel too forced. Even the fighting scenes, which should have improved, have become even more monotonous to look at, as long as the fighting scenes are filled with light lines without any significant additional details. Okay, maybe this anime will focus on the mystery genre elements of the detectives, but it turns out that Keith Flick's character who became the most iconic detective in the first season was actually kidnapped from the beginning of the story, so it seems that he was removed and did not have a big contribution throughout the story.

I can't understand what part of the story is actually going to be focused on, because some of the elements that have been built from season one seem to be thrown away in this second season. In fact, considering the long time span from the release of the first season, B: The Beginning Succession should have had very good preparation for release, instead of ending up disappointing like this.

B: The Beginning Succession also only has a total of 6 episodes, far from the first season which had 12 episodes. Maybe this is also the reason why the story is so forced and lacks weight. But strangely, why with 6 episodes can the production be so confident about releasing it? Even though as far as I know the majority of anime each season has a minimum of 12 episodes, some even have up to 24 episodes. This is the first time I've seen an anime that only has 6 episodes in one season, and it's already disappointing.

From the start, it seems that this review contains all criticism, but what can I do because the fact is like that. I was very upset after watching the first season, which had a lot of potential that could be developed, but everything was just destroyed in the second season.

Okay, to be fair, maybe I will also show some of the advantages that exist in this anime. The only advantage that I remember the most is only Yuna's character, which when viewed from the character design and voice actors, everything can be said to be perfect. The immersion of Yuna's character, which is innocent but deadly, is built quite neatly.

Kirisame's character also actually managed to be displayed very well. His cool and mysterious face greatly supports his role as an antagonist who moves silently and unpredictably. Oh yes, you should be ready with a plot twist at the ending of the story which is so amazing that I don't want to see the continuation of this anime again.



That score I gave to Yuna and Kirisame which made me feel at least a bit at home while watching this anime. For those of you who want to watch it, it's better to just watch the first season, which I reviewed yesterday. Check out B: The Beginning Season One Review

In the end, I can say that this anime is not worth it for you to watch. But for those of you who have watched the first season, this anime is still quite worth it because the story is still related.

I hope that in the next season of anime B: The Beginning this will have a very significant improvement, although if you look at this second season it seems that nothing else can be saved, but who knows the story could change drastically? I hope so.



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