The Sea Beast (2022) Movie Review

The Sea Beast (2022) Movie Review

How afraid are you of the ocean? Well, if I'm afraid because I can't swim, but if the ocean is full of cute monsters like in this movie, maybe I'll immediately start practicing swimming. The Sea Beast is an animated film directed by Chris Williams which was released on Netflix on June 15, 2022. This film tells the story of a dispute between humans and the monsters that inhabit the high seas.

Humans are said to have their own very limited territory, while the untouched territory is an area of ​​dangerous monsters. To expand their territory, humans send special forces called "Hunters" who will hunt monsters and present their horns to the King and Queen as proof that they are the most powerful in all corners of the world.

The strongest hunter squad known as "Inevitable" has been the main spear of human struggle against monsters for hundreds of years. The captain of the Inevitable at that time, Captain Crow, was a very strict and violent person. With his very dominant leadership attitude, he has managed to defeat various very powerful monsters, until there is only one monster left, the Red Bluster, which took his right eye 30 years ago.

However, the various achievements that Captain Crow has achieved so far have not been appreciated by the King and Queen at all. The kingdom only wanted the Red Bluster and if Captain Crow couldn't catch it, then the Hunter era would be over and their task of hunting monsters would be shifted to the royal troops. Captain Crow and his crew have only one chance to continue the Hunter era, and will he be able to complete it?

The Sea Beast is a film directed by Chris William, who is known for his successful works in the animated film industry. For example, in the movie Big Hero 6, Bolt, and Moana. All three films have received many positive reviews and the films must also be familiar to your ears, right? With Chris William's successful track record in animation, it's no wonder that he can make an animated film as good as The Sea Beast this year.

If you look at the story, The Sea Beast is indeed not as deep as Moana and Big Hero 6. However, if you look at the quality, The Sea Beast is far at the top level. This film really presents good visual effects, especially in the design of each monster which can look scary and funny at the same time. Although it must be admitted that the monster characters are still lacking in variety, the depth of character has been maximized, especially in the Red Bluster character, which was originally told as the most powerful and scary monster, but at the end of the film, it can make the audience feel sympathy for him.

The comedy element that is not too excessive is also an added value to this film, the impression is that the comedy is made naturally, so it's really nice to watch. The Sea Beast seems to really want to be a family film that is very light to watch. Therefore, all aspects of the film are easily digested by all groups, from children to adults.

Like animated films in general, The Sea Beast also features the main character of a small child named Maisie. Maisie is an orphan who really wants to be a hunter so that she can become a hero like her parents did. The character of Maisie who is very mischievous and full of ambition is very prominent from the beginning, and that is also what makes this character easy for the audience to like.

In the middle of the film, a cute little monster appears, which Maisie names Blue, which is by far my favorite character from this film. Even though Blue doesn't speak a word throughout the film, the little monster's behavior alone makes the audience happy. Blue's presence is like an Oasis in the middle of the desert that can quench all your thirst while watching this film.



With a light story concept and visual effects that are very pleasing to the eye, The Sea Beast is very worth it to be your family's animated film intake on the weekend.

Overall, The Sea Beast is one of the most recommended animated films this year. So, for you fans of the animated film genre, don't miss this one.



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