The Medium (2021) Movie Review

The Medium

Who would have thought that Asian horror movies could be this good?

The Medium is a Korean - Thai horror thriller movie directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun and Na Hong Jin, the same people behind the hit movie The Wailing released 5 years ago. This movie lifts the myth from Thailand about Bayan who is known as a god of mercy who can cure various diseases caused by mystical things.

The main character of this movie is named Nim, a shaman who is the heir of Bayan at that time. Since ancient times, Bayan has always inhabited every descendant of the Nim family, starting from his ancestors to Nim, who is now entitled to inherit this belief. Even though initially Bayan was interested in Noy but Noy refused him, and who knows what is happening now, it was Nim who finally became a vessel for Bayan.

Nim's daily life as a shaman can be said to be quite smooth, he is proven successful in curing various ailments caused by mystical things. Many people came to his house for treatment, and indeed it was his duty to help these patients recover from their illnesses because the God Bayan who inhabits his body is a loving God.

his life was filled with happiness until in the end, something bad started to happen to Ming, Noy's son. Various mysteries began to emerge regarding Ming's unnatural condition, such as his sometimes child-like behavior, starting to experience of abnormal menstruation, until finally, Ming disappeared for weeks without a word.

Nim and Noy finally began to find out the cause of the strange things that appeared to Ming, the results turned out to be far more sinister than they had ever thought before.

The story presented by The Medium does seem very simple, only telling about a shaman who is dealing with a supernatural thing that has possessed his nephew. However, this simple idea is delivered with a plot full of surprises throughout the movie. Na Hong Jin again managed to bring out an element of mystery that made the audience think about who possessed Ming's body. The various mysterious elements shown are what make this movie always interesting to watch, even though the duration is quite long, which is more than 2 hours (a little more though).

To be honest, I didn't have high expectations for this movie when I watched the trailer. However, after watching the entire contents of the movie, The Medium succeeded in bringing the horror genre to a higher level of horror. What's more, The Medium is presented in a documentary format that makes all the creepy moments seem more realistic, as if they were happening.

The horror sensation is obtained without the need for a lot of jumpscares and various unnecessary sound effects, all scenes seem to flow by themselves, really like what happens in the real world. Coupled with the decent quality of the acting of the players, especially Narlya Gulmongkolpech who played the role of Ming successfully made his face ring in my ears, especially when the scene where he smiled right at the camera while holding a piece of glass, was so scared that I was carried away by a dream. Narlya Gulmongkolpech is pretty when she's not in a trance.

For those of you who don't like documentaries, you will feel bored at the start, because the first part of this movie does have a very slow plot, mostly only showing the daily lives of the characters. But don't worry because the boredom at the beginning of the movie will pay off when the conflict in The Medium peaks, especially when the team starts installing CCTV cameras in Ming's house which finally displays all the strange behavior of Ming who isn't there. It makes no sense, from messing with the house to boiling the life of the family's pet cat.

Overall, The Medium is a movie that is highly recommended to you, because this movie manages to make the audience feel real fear. This movie also succeeded in showing various traditions in Thailand, making it even more interesting with views of villages in Thailand that are full of culture, such as the shape of their houses, their religions and beliefs, various traditions that are carried out, and many more. interesting things contained in the movie. horror about this one.



The Medium manages to present a story that is very interesting to follow, a plot that is not easy to predict making those who watch it seem to be involved in the atmosphere of conflict shown in this movie.

Apart from that, the horror genre that is shown doesn't seem too pushy, even though this movie mostly only shows people who are possessed, no ghosts or spirits are possessing Ming. However, with proper execution, the concept of a possessed person is made much more interesting than seeing a ghost's face directly.



That's all I can say regarding the movie review of The Medium. If there are criticisms or suggestions from you, please just write them in the comments column.


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