Incantation (2022) Movie Review

Incantation (2022) Movie Review

In 2021, The Medium was the scariest horror documentary. But in 2022, it's the turn of the Incantation that will make you goosebumps. The proof is, Kevin Ko's film has been a huge success in his home country so that it is said to be the best horror film of 2022.

Incantation tells the story of a young mother named Li Ronan who has to save her child, Chen Dodo, from a curse after she broke a traditional rule with her friends 6 years ago. At that time, Li Ronan and his two friends were on a ghost exterminator expedition to the precious sites of the Chen Clan. The three of them intend to visit and record the contents of the forbidden cave to see what mystical things are actually in it. But it turns out, after successfully entering the cave, a terrible curse appeared and made everyone who saw the recorded video die horribly.

After 6 years, Li Ronan felt that his mistake had been forgiven and intended to start raising his own child, whom he had entrusted to the orphanage since childhood. At first, everything went smoothly, until in the end, some irregularities started to appear which then forced Li Ronan to face his old fear once again in order to save Chen Dodo from the curse.

Like other horror documentaries, Incantation tries to present a very realistic story, making the audience feel as if they share the terror experienced by Li Ronan. This film also invites you to play with perception, because perception can change the story's course according to what you expect. For example, as explained at the beginning of the film and also seen in the trailer, you can change the direction of a fast-moving train yourself. It's the same as the direction of the wheel's motion, which you can change from left to right or vice versa.

In this film, it is Li Ronan's perception that determines the direction of the story. Since the beginning of the film, you are invited to take part in seeing Li Ronan's perception, who believes that her child is cursed and the only way to cure it is to participate in chanting a spell and symbol that can be trusted to give blessings. Therefore, the symbols and spells are displayed repeatedly to make those of you who see them memorize them immediately.

As a horror film, Incantation has very good tense build-up moments. This can be seen from the many scenes that made me shiver in fear when watching it even though the scene doesn't have the slightest jumpscare or appearance. Only with the background and the feeling of anxiety that is clearly illustrated by Li Ronan, it already feels horror, it can make you close your eyes while watching.

Apart from that, the sound of Taiwanese regional musical instruments which are so thick, makes the impression of horror even more intense. It's similar to The Medium, the conflict related to a regional culture makes all the traditional elements shown become a good supporting force to add to the existing level of eerie, not forgetting also to recite the spell over and over again, guaranteed to make you even more nervous.

However, unfortunately, this Incantation film still has some obvious shortcomings, one of which is the change in the story timeline which is not smooth enough, even the impression is still too forced. This happened repeatedly at the beginning of the film so it made me feel a little confused while watching it, especially from the beginning to the middle of the film. There's not much transition, so it feels like I'm just going to give a flashback scene right away, then for a few minutes then it's back to the main timeline.

The consistency of the documentary concept also needs to be questioned in this film, because the documentary should try to show all the events in real terms to make the realistic impression feel very real. So, in this Incantation film, there are several footages that don't really make sense to show. Examples include footage of the police killing themselves and footage of Chen Dodo running away from the hospital. The two pieces of footage were shown from CCTV cameras, which it seemed impossible for Li Ronan to get so the documentary concept shown in this film did not make sense.

Even though it still has a few flaws, this film at least manages to bring a frightening atmosphere throughout its duration. Therefore, it is only natural that the film Incantation holds the title of the best horror film in its home country.

This Incantation film is highly not recommended for people with trypophobia (Phobia of holes). So, for those of you who have a phobia, it's better to just avoid this film than regret it later.



The many advantages that exist in the film Incantation make it the most recommended horror documentary this year. When compared to The Medium, I think the impression of horror is on the same level, because the two films managed to make me nervous while watching them. It's really not comfortable like that, I want to finish quickly because the scary thing is too late.

After watching the film, what do you think? Is this film worthy of being called the scariest horror film of the year? Let's just discuss this in the comments column.



That's all my review of the movie Incantation. If there are criticisms or suggestions from you, please just write them in the comments column.


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