Miracle in Cell No. 7 (2022) Movie Review

Miracle in Cell No. 7 (2022) Movie Review

In 2022, many Indonesian films come from Korean film adaptations. For example, last June there was the film My Sassy Girl, and this September a Korean adaptation appeared which reportedly has been adapted in more than 5 different countries, including Indonesia, the title of the film is Miracle in Cell No 7.

Before deciding to watch the film, I took the time to visit several review channels first, at least to get an idea of ​​whether this film was as good as the rumors circulating or vice versa. The majority of film critics say this film is quite good, some even say the Indonesian adaptation is better than the original. In my opinion, an opinion like that does sound quite exaggerated, but at least it is enough to illustrate that this film is indeed worth watching.

Come to the cinema with normal expectations, don't expect much, even if it's bad you won't be disappointed, but after watching it, it turns out to be very satisfying. Even though there are still a lot of plot holes in the story, I have to admit that the content regarding the relationship between father and son in the film Miracle in Cell No.7 was successfully described quite perfectly.

This film tells the story of a father named Dodo Rozak (Vino G. Bastian) and his son, Kartika (Graciella Abigail), who experience a disaster after their father, Dodo Rozak, is accused of killing and raping the son of an official. . In fact, Dodo Rozak is just an ordinary balloon seller who has a disability or what is commonly called a disability. However, because the accusations and evidence were strong enough, the court finally decided to sentence him to death.

While in prison, Dodo Rozak was placed in cell no. 7 and met another large-class prisoner. Initially, Dodo was considered a dangerous person because he was branded as a child killer and rapist. But because of his kind-hearted attitude, he eventually became good friends with all the inmates in the cell.

The relationship between Dodo and Kartika is also depicted very clearly in this film. Since the beginning of the story, this film has shown how close the relationship between father and son seems to be inseparable from each other. Vino G. Bastian who plays Dodo Rozak also deserves a thumbs up, because the quality of his acting is almost non-existent. His acting as a person with disabilities who misses his child very much is very touching to watch, especially in some parts of the scene which will surely make you shed tears. My advice is to just prepare a tissue if you want to watch a movie like this.

Graciella Abigail's acting as little Kartika is second to none, her always expressive facial expressions make her character as an innocent and innocent child feel. From his face alone it can be seen that he is good at acting, so no awkwardness occurs even though he appears in one long scene. It's great anyway, it's rare to find small children who are good at acting in Indonesian films nowadays.

This film is not only about family drama, there are also elements of comedy that are executed quite perfectly. Many of the comedic scenes have succeeded in inviting laughter from the audience because the majority of the actors in this film are all comedians. This film also shows several comedians who actually can act seriously, for example, Tretan Muslim as a cruel policeman, playing punches, he is also horrified, even though his Madurese face cannot be changed. There is also Denny Sumargo who plays the role of a prison warden who is no less badass.

The elements of drama combined with comedy blend perfectly in this film. The message is good, the story is good, the acting is also okay, and it's almost perfect. It's just that some things may still lack detail, for example when assembling a hot air balloon, or when planning to smuggle Kartika into prison, everything seems to just happen without any detailed explanation, but that's how it is. There's no focus on the story, so I think it's still understandable.

By the story with the theme of family drama, Miracle in Cell no. 7 is perfect for you to watch with your family, especially with your father, so that it feels better. Don't forget to prepare tissues too so you won't be whiny, because yesterday when watching in the cinema quite a lot of people cried, so maybe the story resonates with them, because if you don't know why I'm still not crying, maybe because my empathy has been closed or what I don't know either. But what's certain is that this film is worth it for you to watch, the main thing is you won't be disappointed, the drama gets it, the comedy gets it too.



Miracle at Cell no. 7 proves that Indonesia can make a good Korean adaptation film. At least this film has experienced more significant development when compared to the film adaptation in recent months.

When compared to the original version, to be honest, I don't know because I haven't watched the original either. What is certain is that this film has good content about the relationship between father and son, which is one of the family film recommendations that are worth it for you to watch.



That's all for my post this time regarding the review of the film Miracle in Cell No.7. So, what do you think about this movie? Just write your opinion in the comments column.


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