10 Scariest Horror Movies of All Time, Dare to Watch Alone?

10 Scariest Horror Movies of All Time

Horror is one of the most popular film genres. Apart from being able to stimulate adrenaline, the unpredictable storyline often makes the audience curious about how the film ends.

Many people watch horror films because they want to test their courage, but they close their eyes throughout the film.

Well, from the lengthy development of the horror film industry so far, in this post I will summarize 10 of the scariest horror films of all time that will surely trigger your adrenaline.

This supernatural horror film which was released in 2017 has become one of the horror films that make the audience mentally hit when watching it. Anyway, just be prepared to be hit by a strange and unreasonable terror throughout the film.

1. The Ritual

The Ritual

The Ritual tells the story of a group of young men who take a shortcut while descending the mountain, but in the middle of their journey, they are trapped in the forest with various terrible terrors that slowly begin to haunt them.

With a background in the wilderness in Sweden, The Ritual will present a horror that is very gripping, dark, and certainly make your psyche insecure, because any terror that appears can't be easy to predict.

Anyway, The Ritual is the most recommended for those of you who are looking for a horror film that different from the others horror movie.

2. Hereditary


Talking about the modern horror genre, it certainly won't be far from director Ari Ester and his high-quality film works, such as Hereditary which was released in 2018.

For those of you who like to be afraid of ghosts, take it easy because this Hereditary will not show a single apparition of a terrible ghost. However, in exchange, this film will terrorize you with acting and music that is both enchanting and terrifying at the same time.

The story itself will center on a family who suddenly gets terror after their grandmother dies. Like a curse, slowly various strange events began to arrive and it became more and more terrible like a fate that could not be released.

Hereditary has its own characteristics in the horror genre, and for me so far there is no other horror film that can replace it. This movie is highly recommended for you to watch.

3. Sinister


Want a movie that makes your heart beat abnormally? So Sinister is the answer because this horror film can surprise you thanks to its jumpscare and scary horror scenes that have no medicine.

The build-up of horror moments in this film is really well developed so that when you watch it you won't know when the jumpscare will appear.

Sinister has even been named the scariest film in several studies because it is proven that this film manages to make the hearts of most people who watch it beat fast.

So, for those of you who are still watching horror movies with your eyes closed, it's better to find a friend first if you want to watch the Sinister movie, so that your heart is safer.

4. The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House is a horror series based on Shirley Jackson's novel of the same name.

This horror series tells about various scary experiences experienced by a family who moved into a magnificent house called "Hill House".

Although the plot seems very simple, it turns out that it has been developed very innovatively in each episode.

In fact, various flashback scenes that usually make the audience feels bored, in this series actually make them more curious, because some of the mysteries will slowly be revealed with these flashback scenes.

The unpredictable ending of the story, complete with the clever plot twists that appear, makes this series never boring in my eyes.

For those of you who like the mystery horror genre, this series is worthy of being on your watch list on the weekends.

5. The Exorcist

The Exorcist

Who doesn't know about these masterpiece horror films?

Although this film has been released in 1973 ago until now the charm of The Exorcist has never been replaced in the slightest by other horror films. The acting quality of each actor, the sound selection, and the cinematography model, all seem to come together to create a horror film genre that looks very real in the eyes of the audience.

It's so scary, this film has even been banned in several countries because the various content that is too sadistic is considered unfit to be shown on the big screen.

So, are you dare to watch this film alone?

6. Host


During the Covid-19 pandemic, Zoom has become the most widely used meeting application to carry out various activities online.

However, have you ever imagined a scary incident that appeared when you were using Zoom Meeting with your friends?

That's the main concept that will be shown in this Movie. Throughout the film, you will be presented with a terrible terror during a Zoom Meeting, and everything that happens in this film can happen to you while doing a Zoom Meeting.

7. The Witch

The Witch

The Witch is the debut film by director Robert Eggers which was released in 2015. This film tells about the life journey of a family who has to live in a border area due to a religious dispute.

This film is an adaptation of a fairy tale that exists in British society about the birth of a witch.

Throughout the film, The Witch will make your hair goosebumps thanks to its good horror visual effects, dark tones, and storyline that is very difficult to predict.

In addition, the lack of dialogue between characters seems to add to the impression of mystery in this film. Also supported by the expressions of the characters who are very supportive, making The Witch a horror film that you shouldn't miss.

8. The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project

For the lovers of documentary horror films, The Blair Witch Project must be at the top of your list, because this film is very well known as one of the most successful documentary horror films of all time.

This film also has a remake with the title "Blair Witch" which was released in 2016. You can watch the original movie first which was released in 1999 because, in my opinion, the original movie is much scarier than the remake.

The Blair Witch Project managed to take the audience to a much different level of horror because in this movie you will see the expressions of really scared people.

During the production, the director even said that each actor was left alone in the dark forest, so their expressions of fear really look very real.

9. The Medium

The Medium

The Medium is a documentary horror film in collaboration with two directors, namely Banjong Pisanthanakun from Thailand and Na Hong-jin from South Korea.

This film tells the story of a woman named Nim, who is believed to be possessed by the God of Parrot which is passed down from generation to generation through the female family lineage.

Min believes that the Parrot God will eventually move to Mink, who is his nephew, until one day Mink starts to show strange behavior.

The thick culture and tradition in the country of Thailand are successfully displayed very perfectly in this film The Medium. Plus, with its well-organized plot, and good acting from each of the actors, this film manages to attract the attention of all viewers throughout its duration.

10. Ratu Ilmu Hitam

Ratu Ilmu Hitam

Ratu Ilmu Hitam is an Indonesian horror movie directed by Kimo Stamboel. As spooky as the title suggests, Ratu Ilmu Hitam managed to display the terror of scary black magic. Almost all the horror scenes are also presented as quite epic, especially near the ending, where it seems that all elements of the horror thriller are really maximized there.

For me, Ratu Ilmu Hitam is the most recommended horror Indonesian movie. This movie is very similar to Perempuan Tanah Jahannam, which was also released in the same year.


That's a summary of 10 series and the scariest horror films from me. Have you ever watched any of the ten films above?

Don't forget to always visit this blog to get other interesting content about movies.

Thank you.


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