Top 7 Horror Documentaries of All Time

7 Horror Documentary of All Time

Documentary horror is one of the genres that I like. Aside from its terror that feels real, a film in the documentary horror genre can make the audience feel as if they are also feeling the various fears experienced by the actors in it.

Of the many documentary horror films, in this post, I will summarize the 7 scariest documentary horror films of all time.

1. Incantation


Li Ronan must face an evil curse as a result of his behavior that violates the taboos and taboos of an ancient beliefs.

Many consider that Incantation is the scariest documentary horror film of the year thanks to the dark story that is delivered coupled with the somber nuances that always appear in front of the screen. As a result, the spooky quality is above average, which cannot even be easily removed from the minds of the audience.

For lovers of documentary horror, this movie Incantation is a must for you to watch.

2. The Medium

The Medium

The atmosphere of horror is gripping, creepy, and tense, all of which are presented perfectly in the film The Medium.

The Medium is one of the best Thai horror films of 2021 which has succeeded in scaring many people, including me.

The perfect presentation of horror elements, coupled with the thickness of Thai regional traditions that are shown, makes this film feel very scary in this film.

For you fans of horror films, The Medium is a must for you to watch.

3. The Taking of Deborah Logan

The Taking of Deborah Logan

Older people are prone to insomnia, whether it's due to illness or indeed because of age.

This makes them prone to strange behavior that they can never remember, like what happened to a woman named Deborah Logan in the film.

However, is it true that Deborah Logan suffers from insomnia? What if it turns out that he's been possessed by an evil spirit that makes him always behave strangely?

These various mysteries are what make this film interesting for you to watch. Don't miss the ending because that's where the most astonishing scene from this film will be shown.

4. Blair Witch Project

Blair Witch Project

There will be no jumpscare in this film, only the eerie atmosphere of the dark forest at night.

The fear of the dark, coupled with the strange events that often occur, makes me always nervous when I watch Blair Witch Project.

The concept of a documentary horror film that tries to make its horror elements feel real is presented perfectly in this film.

5. Sacred


A low budget is not always directly proportional to the quality of the films presented on the big screen. The proof is that Keramat has become one of the most successful documentary horror films from Indonesia, even though not much budget was spent during the production period for this film.

Telling the story of a group of young people who want to make a film in Bantul, this Keramat film will make you see various Indonesian ghosts that you have never seen in other films.

Thick cultural elements, coupled with an eerie atmosphere, everything blends perfectly to make the audience always feel uncomfortable.

6. Noroi: The Curse

Noroi: The Curse

There have been many horror documentaries that I have seen so far, and Noroi The Curse is one of the best.

As a documentary horror film, Noroi manages to make the audience almost believe that all the events on the screen are real.

The story plot which is full of mystery also managed to make me wonder about how all the terror that happened in this film will end. As a result, this film does not make you bored at all even though its duration is quite long, which is 115 minutes.

7. Rec


There have been tons of movies about the Zombie pandemic out there, but none of them can match the horror of the zombie terror presented in the movie Rec.

By carrying out the concept of found footage, Rec managed to show how the chaos that can arise when a zombie pandemic occurs.

The situation was chaotic in an instant, coupled with the ferocity of the zombie attacks that blindly made the horror atmosphere of this film feels very real.


Those are the seven best documentary horror films of all time. Are there any of the films above that you like? Please just write your opinion in the comments column.

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