Wonder Woman 1984 Movie Review

Wonder Woman 1984 Movie Review

Diana Prince's adventures now continue after the World War is over. Yes, 'Wonder Woman 1984' is indeed a sequel to Diana's story in the first film which was released in 2017.

Still with the same director, Patty Jenkins, with Gal Gadot as the main character, 'Wonder Woman 1984' will be set in the cold war era. Diana is told to live life like humans in general, working in a museum, while looking for information about ancient items related to her culture.

Even though she is used to living side by side with humans, the wound in Diana's heart still cannot heal. Her beautiful memories with her boyfriend, Steve (Chris Pine), seem inseparable from her memory. That collection of beautiful memories has been embedded deep in his head, hard to forget, so like it or not now he has to live life while enduring the sadness of being left by the person he loves the most.

But all these wounds did not prevent Diana from continuing to protect humanity. In her signature superhero outfit, Diana is always helping solve crimes all over the city. Her sweet face that never ages, complete with a shiny lasso, is the talk of many people who have seen her in action.

Like humans in general, Diana filled her free time with work. She is also known to be a good employee at her job, until one day a new employee, her name is Minerva, is hired. Unlike the other employees, Minerva was the closest person to Diana. Her kind and innocent character made the two of them quickly get along.

One day, Minerva is asked by her boss to research FBI antiquities found on the black market. According to the writing underneath, this thing is said to be able to grant one wish to anyone who holds it. Diana and Minerva later distrusted it because the ancient object looked so unconvincing that they chose to ignore it. But who would have thought, it turns out that this object grants every wish to cause chaos at the global level?

'Wonder Woman 1984' truly displays the human side of Diana Prince's character. If in the first film Diana Prince mostly appeared in her superhero costume, in this sequel the focus is more on the human side of the superhero himself, regarding his life while working at the museum, to how he can live life without his girlfriend. All of Diana Prince's human side is highlighted in this film, so don't be surprised if there are relatively few action scenes compared to the first film.

However, does that make Wonder Woman 1984 look bad? In my opinion, this film has its characteristics related to the depiction of the story of a woman from the Amazon tribe who has superpowers. Yes, maybe some of you will be disappointed because most of the depictions of superheroes are still synonymous with lots of action scenes against criminals. However, isn't this concept very common? In my opinion, highlighting the human side of superheroes makes the story concept of Wonder Woman 1984 even more interesting.

Throughout the film, the plot seems to have so much meaning that it's a shame to miss every bit of it. With its relatively long duration (151 minutes), 'Wonder Woman 1984' does not seem to be lacking in terms of story. All parts have been displayed properly, including the background of the villains that appear and are told quite fully.

Talking about villain characters, 2 villains appear in this film, namely Maxwell Lord (Predo Pascall) and Cheetah (Kristen Wiig). Those of you who have followed the stories in the comics must be familiar with these 2 villain characters, because, in the comics themselves, Maxwell Lord is said to have manipulated Superman to attack his partners, such as Batman and Wonderwoman. Meanwhile, the Cheetah in the comics is the main enemy of Wonder Woman with claws and fangs as his main weapon.

In this film, the two villain characters are shown in a reasonable portion, and all story backgrounds are told, starting from ordinary humans to finally being able to become Wonder Woman's enemy.

One thing that is lacking is the lack of ferocity in Cheetah's character. For some reason, I feel that the Cheetahs in this film is made very weak so that Diana can be defeated easily. This is of course very different from the one in the comics because, in the comic itself, the Cheetah character is described as a strong villain that even makes Superman bleed without the help of a Kryptonite stone.

The duration of Cheetah's appearance is relatively minimal, this villain character only appears towards the end of the film so his battle with Diana feels very ordinary to watch. The concept of forming a cheetah is also not shown clearly, so the audience seems confused why a criminal in an animal body suddenly appears because from the start there is not a single scene that marks the appearance of a cheetah.

Apart from all that, Wonder Woman 1984 is a film that is worth watching, especially for those of you who enjoy superhero films from both DC and Marvel.

I need to remind you that if you haven't watched the Wonder Woman movie at all, it's better to watch the first film first because the storyline has something to do with the previous film.



Overall, the Wonder Woman 1984 film is perfect for you to watch in your free time. With a long enough duration, this film seems to be able to relieve stress from the busyness and tasks that you are currently carrying out.

This film is also very suitable to watch with family and friends because the story of the whole film is very interesting to follow and very full of meanings that you can take as lessons.



That's all I can say about the Wonder Woman 1984 review. If you have any criticism or suggestions from you, please just write them in the comments column.


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