10 Best Thriller Movies of 2021

10 Best Thriller Movies of 2021

Thriller is a film genre that is known for its very tense nuances. Therefore, many people think that films in the thriller genre will have scary nuances like horror films.

The fact that thriller genre has a more complex meaning than that. The thriller genre focuses more on the tension of the audience, making them never feel comfortable while watching it. Sometimes films in the thriller genre have confusing endings that make the film debatable.

Those are the things that made me love the thriller genre because apart from presenting unexpected plots, films in the thriller genre often display very different nuances that keep my attention focused while watching them.

So, speaking of the thriller genre, in this post I will provide a list of the 10 best thriller films in 2021.

1. Nightmare Alleys

Nightmare Alleys

Guillermo del Toro is a director who is famous for his very smooth storytelling style, like a fairy tale, slow in tempo, but able to continue to captivate the audience not to look away from the screen. No exception in this Nightmare Alley movie.

Nightmare Alley tells the story of a man named Stanton Carlisle (Bradley Cooper) who wants to change his life by conning conglomerates. This film, which is in the psychological thriller genre, will invite you to take a deeper look at Stanton Carlisle's character, about how he commits acts of fraud, to his ambition which leads to greed.

For those of you who want to explore psychology, this film is a very good recommendation for you to watch.

2. Escape Room: Tournament of Champions

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions

The story of Zoey and Ben after surviving a series of deadly traps is now continuing. Still with the same concept as the previous film, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions will still feature various deadly traps that must be passed by the six participants with their lives at stake.

Just like in the first Escape Room film, the six participants gathered have one thing in common, and this time the one thing in common is that they have all won the competition before, so now this competition looks like a competition of champions.

Technically, the Escape Room looks the same as the Saw movie, except that the design of each trap is more futuristic.

I highly recommend this film for you lovers of the gore thriller genre who are familiar with blood and murder.

3. Fear Street

Fear Street

If you are looking for a film trilogy with a different concept from the others, then this film is the answer.

Fear Street is a trilogy of films by director Leigh Janiak, which will be released from June to early July 2021. This film tells of a witch's curse that makes the residents of the city suddenly turn into serial killers for no apparent reason.

The unique thing is, this film is told with a flowing plot, starting from 1994, then later moving to 1978, and finally moving again to 1666 which is the year the witch was executed.

Carrying the horror thriller slasher genre, the Fear Street film trilogy will make you remember old slasher thriller films, such as Halloween, Scream, and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

4. Voyagers


This film tells the story of a group of humans who are sent to a new planet to continue the survival of mankind. Because the journey takes a very long time, they grow up under the tutelage of advanced technology by following the same routine every day. However, an irregularity began to emerge after the routine was broken, which ultimately led them to a terrible mystery behind it all.

Voyagers is a science fiction thriller film with an unexpected plot. Anyway, you are guaranteed that it will not be easy to guess the ending.

Its setting on a starship makes this film widely considered a live-action film from the game Among Us, which was a trend in 2021.

5. The Woman in the Window

The Woman in the Window

The Woman in the Window is a mystery thriller film by director Joe Wright, adapted from the novel of the same name by A. J. Finn. This film tells the story of Anna Fox, a woman with Agoraphobia who makes her afraid to leave the house and be in a crowd. Until one day, he accidentally saw his neighbor being killed sadistically through his window.

The Woman in the Window presents quite an interesting plot because the boundaries between hallucinations and reality experienced by Anna Fox can always be questioned throughout the film. This film invites you to determine whether Anna really saw the murder or was she just hallucinating. The agoraphobia that he suffers from also seems to be a good supporting factor to blur the line between hallucinations and the reality experienced by the main character.

6. House of Gucci

House of Gucci

This film will take you back to the 90s, when at that time the famous Gucci company was still a family company that was passed down from generation to generation.

The story of this film begins when Maurizio Gucci, one of the company's successors, marries a woman named Patrizia Reggiani who turns out to have great ambitions for power, which makes her commit betrayal, and revenge, which ends in murder.

You should watch this drama story from a wealthy family because apart from showing realistic conflicts over inheritance, this film also manages to present very classy acting from the diva Lady Gaga.

7. Candyman


Rumor has it that a housing project in Chicago's Cabrini-Green neighborhood was terrorized by an assassin nicknamed Candyman. He is rumored to appear if someone dares to say his name 5 times in front of the mirror.

Candyman is a horror thriller film that focuses on telling the origins of a serial killer. As a thriller film, Candyman manages to present some scenes that are both terrifying and thrilling to watch.

Not only that, but Candyman also managed to insert racial issues which were packaged quite perfectly, both in terms of cast selection and plot development.

8. Last Night in Soho

Last Night in Soho

Eloise, who is an aspiring fashion designer suddenly enters the 1960s when she meets the stunning aspiring singer, Sandie. For some reason, every time Eloise slept in her apartment room, she would return to 1960 and play Sandie who was trying to become a famous singer.

This Last Night in Soho film presents a very good timeline change concept, supported by a complex and unexpected story plot. Anyway, for you fans of horror thriller films, you can't miss this film.

9. Titane


Titane tells the story of a woman named Alexia who has to live with a titanium head after an accident that happened to her when she was a child. The premise of this film is quite simple, but don't get me wrong because later you will be taken to various terrible things that Alexia is capable of.

The influence of titanium on her head, as well as the trauma she has had since she was a child, makes Alexia's personality far beyond human reason. The various deviant behaviors that he does will surely make you wonder whether he is a human or not.

For you horror thriller lovers with absurd and disturbing concepts, this film is the most appropriate recommendation for you to watch.

10. Pig


Robin Feld (Nicolas Cage) who is a truffle seeker must face a very dangerous conflict after his pet pig is kidnapped by someone.

Somehow, with a very simple story concept, director Michael Sarnoski is still able to make this Pig film look very interesting in every phase.

This film teaches about how it feels to lose something we love, and how we struggle to get it back. Even though it's just a pig, the main character of this film keeps trying to get it back, even though it has to face many enemies.

Pig is a very good thriller recommendation for those of you who like badass action scenes, and a simple story concept, similar to John Wick.


Those are my ten best thriller films in 2021. Is your favorite film on the list this time? Or maybe other films should be on the list? Just write your answers in the comments column.


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