The Crucifixion (2017) Movie Review

The Crucifixion

The Crucifixion is a mystery horror film that has been released since 2017. This film was directed by a French director named Xavier Gens whose career is no doubt in handling horror films. Call it his works such as Cold Skin (2017) and Frontier (2007), which were quite successful in getting a positive response from critics. Seeing Xavier's previous works, of course, I hope The Crucifixion is crazier than other horror films. But is my hope true?

The Crucifixion tells the story of a journalist named Nicole Rawlins (Sophie Cookson) who is assigned to cover a story about the death of sister Adelina Marinescu (Ada Lupu), a nun who was allegedly killed by her priest because she was thought to be possessed by a demon, or possessed English. For this incident, the priest and 4 of his sisters who participated in the exorcism ritual were finally imprisoned on charges of murder. The case ended there because the priest who was considered guilty and the nun who was the victim had also been buried. However, according to Nicole, there was something odd about this incident, so she decided to find out for herself what happened to Marinescu's sister.

Long story short, Nicole then went to interview the priest who was suspected of being the main cause of sister Marinescu's death. However, when asked, the priest even denied that he killed Marinescu's sister. He believes that at that time the nun was indeed possessed by a very evil demon so he was forced to crucify her and not feed her for 3 days to speed up the exorcism process. He even got the name of the demon possessing his body so his exorcism process was about to finish. But when the exorcism process was about to end, Bishop Gornik suddenly came and immediately stopped everything so that the exorcism failed and finally the devil took sister Marinescu's life while on the way to the hospital.

Hearing the explanation from the priest, the mystery of this death widens and that's where the storyline of this film begins.

The Crucifixion is a film with a very thick mystery horror genre. From the beginning of this film, it can be seen clearly that the mystery horror genre is really good, for example, during the scene in the first minutes of the film. The initial scene showed a nun who was possessed and then crucified, but because the public thought that this was all nonsense, the priest became the scapegoat and ended up in prison. So, from this incident, things started to get strange, did the priest really exorcise demons, or did he just torture the nun for no apparent reason?

As the film progresses, the answers to these various mysteries feel increasingly blurry because later other events seem to say that sister Marinescu was indeed killed by the devil. However, others say that it is the priest alone who is wrong because he lacks experience in exorcising demons. The concept of who is right and who is wrong makes us wonder what happened to the nun.

So, along with the dominant mystery genre, this film also doesn't forget the horror genre, which doesn't seem too enduring either. Some of the jumpscares that were shown succeeded in making me surprised because the model of horror films with exorcisms from the past has made me more afraid when compared to other horror films. How can it be realistic, it's more like that if you see someone exorcising demons, even if it's just in a movie. That's why expulsion films like The Medium have succeeded in giving me goosebumps throughout the film.

This film manages to tell about the consequences for people who doubt their connection with God, that every human being's faith in their God must be strong because if their faith is weak, the devil will always take his opportunity to poison their minds with hatred. The Crucifixion seems to make us aware that God's help is always there for every human being, whether it's for those of you who are religious or not, God always gives His help.

All of this was clearly illustrated by Nicole, who at first did not believe in the existence of help from God, and because of her weak faith, she eventually became an easy target for the demon that possessed the nun before.

This film is very fun to watch, the various weaknesses that appear are also not so fatal that they don't dampen my mood to watch it to the end.



The Crucifixion is worth it for you to watch, but try not to watch it alone because the jumpscare that appears can make you have a heart attack instantly.

This film is also highly recommended for those of you who like the mystery genre, some of the films have endings that are difficult to predict. So, prepare your brain while watching it so you don't lose clues that will later relate to solving the problem at the end of the film.



That's what I can say regarding the review of The Crucifixion (2017). If there are criticisms or suggestions from you, please just write in the comments column.


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