Plane (2023) Movie Review

Plane (2023) Movie Review

Plane is an action-adventure thriller film that tells the story of a pilot named Brodie Torrance (Gerard Butler) who has to make an emergency landing on an island after encountering a violent storm in the middle of his flight.

Unfortunately, the island where the plane's emergency landing took place was filled with a group of militants and terrorists who immediately took all the crew members hostage.

This film has the same template as Gerard Butler's previous films (Angel Has Fallen, London Has Fallen, etc). The main plot still focuses on Butler's efforts to free hostages from a dangerous militant group. The presentation of action that is presented throughout the film is also very good, I, who watched it, did not feel bored at all.

Fortunately, this time Brodie Torrance is not working alone, he is assisted by Louis Gaspare who is an FBI prisoner. Even though in the first half of the film, his role is still quite doubtful, whether he will betray or not. However, in the final round, it will be clearly shown how epic scenes from Gaspare are very riveting.

If you look at the title alone, you will most likely think that Plane is a film that focuses on the conflicts that occur in planes. However, in reality, Plane is not just a movie about a disaster on a plane.

This film indeed had time to show the conflict that occurred when the plane was in the air. However, these moments only occur at the beginning and end of the film. The rest, of the conflict in this film, takes place on an island where the crew of this plane is stranded. This film also shows the responsibility and leadership spirit of a pilot toward the fate of his passengers with a clear and concise narrative. This is what makes Plane feel unique compared to most other films about airplanes.

This film is too focused on the adventures of Brodie Torrance and also Louis Gaspare as the main character. Well, this is not entirely wrong. However, this makes some other characters in the film only supporters without making a significant contribution to the storyline.

Several supporting characters have the potential to become important supporting characters if their characters are explored more deeply. One of them is Dele (Yoson An), the co-pilot of Torrance's plane whose background is discussed at the beginning of the film, but then has nothing to do with the film's conflict.

It doesn't seem surprising that Gerard Butler's film presents satisfying action moments. Because Butler is indeed an actor specialist in the action genre. However, specifically for this film, the satisfying action moments don't always come from Gerard Butler's character.

This is because the figure of Brodie Torrance that Butler plays is a pilot without a military background, so he is not good at fighting or using weapons. Well, there are still other satisfying action moments that you will see for yourself while watching it.

Meanwhile, the shooting action that is satisfying comes from Mike Colter who plays a convict with a military background. The moment every time he kills a separatist member in this film is guaranteed to make you feel satisfied and often the applause is so cool.



Overall, Plane is an action film about the world of aviation that manages to provide tension and satisfaction while watching it.



That's my review of the movie Plane. What do you think? Are movies worth watching to spend the free time you have? Please write your opinion in the comments column.


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