Fall (2022) Movie Review

Fall (2022) Movie Review

How would you feel if you were stuck in a 2000 ft tower? The creeps are obvious, but what else could there be? One of the possibilities that you can think of might be the same as what happened in this Scott Mann film.

As a thriller genre, Fall invites the audience to feel horror at its height throughout the film. Even if you look at the story, maybe Fall looks like a zero-logic film, telling a girl named Becky (Grace Caroline Currey) who has just experienced trauma after the tragic death of her boyfriend while climbing a rock.

After her trauma was not over, Becky was even invited by her close friend, Hunter (Virginia Elizabeth Gardner), to climb up a TV signal tower that had been abandoned for a long time. The tower is planned to be destroyed in the winter, and Hunter intends to climb it first before the tower is destroyed.

And amazingly, with just a little persuasion from Hunter, Becky finally agreed to come with him to climb the old TV tower. What awaits them on the hike? Please watch the film to find the answer.

You need to know that this film is very unsafe for people with acrophobia (phobia of heights). So, for those of you who do have this phobia, I suggest just skipping this film.

Technically, Fall may be a film with a budget that is not too big, considering the lack of spot spots and the many characters that appear throughout the film. Most of the movies even only show 2 people throughout the frame in the same place, very minimalistic.

Even so, the minimalist concept that is presented makes this film look better because we as viewers get a deep understanding of the character of each character. The audience seemed to feel the horror of being in that place like that experienced by Becky and Hunter.

As a result, the audience feels more sympathetic to the conflicts that Becky and Hunter experienced during their journey up the TV tower. This makes the plot twist that appears in the final phase of the film feel more meaningful and more pronounced.

The quality of acting from Grace Caroline Currey as Becky and Virginia Elizabeth Gardner as Hunter also deserves thumbs up. Two people who always appear throughout this film have succeeded in becoming the main backbone of this film. Even though only the two of them appear in every frame, it still doesn't feel boring at all.

This is also supported by a good cinematographic style. Scott Mann as the director managed to show how the horror that arises when trapped in a tall building with no way down, as if a screw is about to come loose, shoots from above so it looks even scarier if it falls. , and many other sides have been successfully displayed to make the thriller elements feel real.

The development of the story is also well shown, whatever ways Becky and Hunter do to get down from the building safely, all options are explored in sufficient detail.

Previously I mentioned that there would be a plot twist that would appear, and I have to admit that the placement of the plot twist is perfect and can't be predicted easily. Maybe later you will also understand when the plot twist will be revealed, but before that happens, everything is made so mundane that when the plot twist appears, the audience starts to be amazed.



Even though the film appears very minimalistic, in my opinion, Fall is one of the most worth it survival thriller films for you to watch this year.

Broadly speaking, Fall succeeds in presenting horror that can appear as realistic as possible.

The development of the story is also a positive element for this film, although maybe there are still some details that seem too absurd not to be shown, such as how Becky's attempt to charge the drone's battery turns out to be wrong. tried to contact the immediate family at the beginning and contacted fans and there are several other stupid things that each character does.

But despite all that, Fall is still worth watching, especially for those of you who like the thriller genre with plot twists that must be included in your weekend viewing list.



That's all my brief review of the film Fall (2022). If you have anything to ask or add, please just write it in the comments column.


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