Cure (1997) Movie Review

Cure (1997) Movie Review

It didn't take too long for this movie to hypnotize the audience with various mysterious murder cases, without motives, with different suspects. But what is certain, all the bodies of his victims have in common with the large X on his body.

That mystery then becomes the responsibility of detective Kenichi Takabe (Koji Yakusho) to find out who is behind it all. It was not easy to find him, because all the perpetrators admitted that they had murdered in a conscious state, but strangely none of them remembered what the X in each victim was for.

The longer he searches, the more mysteries that are getting harder to digest, plus the very minimal dialogue make this film so mysterious in every phase. The director, Kiyoshi Kurosawa, seems to want to make the audience sink slowly, immersed in watching the various conflicts that exist in detective Kenichi Takabe who continues to look for various connections between murder cases and chooses to deny that these are not the actions of the devil.

In the first half of the film, the plot of the story will focus on a detective Kenichi, regarding his family and routines who have their problems like humans in general. But in the midst of it all, Kenichi must also always focus on his work as a detective to solve the mysteries of various murder events that occurred in his city.

It's hard to imagine how people who don't know each other can murder with the same method, especially since they all do it so consciously. But this did not make detective Kenichi back down. With various methods, he tries to find a connection which eventually leads to the name Kunio Mamiya (Masato Hagiwara), an ordinary human who is considered "being" amnesia.

But can you think about what a young man with amnesia disease can do? Never mind killing, he couldn't even remember his name. I even chose to believe that the young man was just pretending to have amnesia. But in some scenes, his amnesiac behavior is too real to be considered an "act". It must be admitted that Masato Hagiwara is indeed very soulful in his role in this film as Mamiya.

The focus of the film begins to change direction in the middle, from initially focusing on Kenichi's investigation, now starting to move to Mamiya who has a mysterious side of her own. In various scenes, it is clear that Mamiya is indeed experiencing insomnia, but in other scenes, she seems to be seen as a human who has thoughts above the average human. His playing of hypnotic tricks kept my eyes glued while watching him as if he could actually hypnotize me from behind the scenes. But is that really what he did to the killers? Hypnotizing them to kill and writing X marks on their victims' bodies?

Released on December 27, 1997, Cure is a psychological thriller film by director Kiyoshi Kurosawa who was very popular in various J-horror films of that era. It is undeniable that this film is very thick with elements of J-Horror, especially when viewed from the taking of the scene which seems simple, but looks very scary and mysterious for the audience to see.

The story phase is also slowly made, but still fully related to the plot of the story. So, the slow phase of the story is actually a good place to put the horror atmosphere that builds up very slowly. Although this film does not have anything that smells of horror at all, the dark atmosphere it displays, coupled with very supportive sound effects has made this film into the horror category.

The character Kunio Mamiya, played by Masato Hagiwara, also managed to appear very stunning. You could even say that he is the MVP in this film thanks to his role which managed to make me wonder from the beginning to the end of the film. Every time you see Mamiya talking, you will definitely want to punch her in the head, because every question that is put to her will be answered with absurd and annoying things, such as "What's your name?", "Where is this?" basically it looks like someone who has amnesia, and the question keeps being repeated so that it looks like we feel fooled by him.

The expression on his face which is flat, expressionless, and without guilt, coupled with the lack of dialogue makes this character from Mamiya built very neatly, slowly but surely hypnotizing the audience to believe that he is experiencing insomnia.

The character of the detective is also very clearly depicted in this film. The various problems he experiences, coupled with a murder mystery that never ends, make the detective's condition worse. But one thing is for sure, the detective will not be hypnotized easily, it can be seen from how he asks questions and what kind of answers he has to give when he gets questions from Mamiya. These various things make this film so meaningful because Cure indirectly teaches us how to fight hypnotic tricks.

For a film class in the 90s era, Cure is really worth watching, especially in the mystery section which is very interesting to follow throughout the film, and don't forget the Mamiya character who will really hypnotize your eyes, so don't even miss watching the movie. if you don't want to be hypnotized by Mamiya.



Overall, Cure is a good spectacle for you on the weekends, it's just that with a very slow storyline it might make some people feel bored and sleepy while watching it, but the Psychological Thriller genres in it, make this film looks enjoyable to watch for me.

The excellent acting of the actors in this film is also a supporting factor for why Cure can be a must-watch list for you. Supported by very subtle sound effects, not surprising, but enough to make goosebumps.



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