10 Best Halloween Movies of All Time

10 Best Halloween Movies of All Time

Halloween is always synonymous with scary things. Therefore, the films that are often screened at this celebration are mostly in the horror or thriller genre.

So, as the title suggests, in this post I will provide a list of 10 films that are suitable for you to watch on Halloween.

I made this list based on my personal opinion. So, if anyone has something to add, please write directly in the comments column.

Without further ado, here is a list of 10 movies to watch on Halloween night.

1. Halloween


The Michael Myers terror is always something to look forward to at every Halloween celebration. The serial killer who is famous for his silent but deadly style is always associated with the Halloween theme, whether it's in the storyline, or the release of his films which are always released right in October, the month when Halloween. the celebration takes place.

So far, there have been many film titles included in the Halloween franchise. However, if you are still confused about which one to watch, my advice is to watch David Gordon Green's Halloween trilogy which just concluded this year with the film Halloween Ends.

2. Evil Dead

Evil Dead

Being one of the scariest horror films of all time, it's perfect if Evil Dead is on your Halloween viewing list.

Telling the story of 5 teenagers in an old cabin, Evil Dead manages to present a slasher horror thriller that spoils the eyes of its fans.

This film was so scary that it was remade in 2013 with the same title. Both the original and remake versions, in my opinion, are equally enjoyable to watch during Halloween celebrations.

3. Saw


Talking about Halloween, it's incomplete if you don't witness the terrible traps made by John Kramer that can make you ache for days after watching it.

Tells the story of a psychopathic engineer named John Kramer, Saw will invite you to think about the reward you will get if you have committed a grave sin. This movie is like Judgment Day.

Slasher thriller lovers, make sure Saw is on your watch list for Halloween, this is a very good film.

Oiya, my advice is to just try watching Saw I - III because that's where the golden age of this franchise begins.

4. The Purge

The Purge

What happens if the country legalizes all criminal acts in one night? Everything you can imagine will become a reality in The Purge.

Set in the United States, The Purge focuses on telling a story where in one night all criminal acts are legalized by the state.

Various crimes such as rape, theft, and even murder, will all become commonplace on this night of The Purge celebration.

Even if you don't want to leave the house, it's best to lock the house tightly, because who knows someone will take revenge on you on this bloody night.

5. Wrong Turn

Wrong Turn

It's normal to take the wrong road when you're traveling, especially if you're going somewhere far away.

However, what if the path you choose instead leads you to the cannibal compound? That is more or less the fate of the main characters in this film.

Still sadistic like slasher thrillers in general, it's just that Wrong Turn is shown to be wilder thanks to the presence of cannibals who resemble rural people who like to eat humans.

The way they eat humans also looks as brutal as animals when they eat their prey. The depiction of primitive people who like to eat human flesh will be seen in this film.

6. Terrifier


The cruel psychopathic character in a clown mask is indeed an interesting spectacle at Halloween celebrations, and for me, the film Terrifier is the most appropriate choice of film. Check out Terrifier 2 (2022) review.

Focusing on a clown character named Art the Clown, Terrifier will invite you to see the routines of Art the Clown who likes to kill and torture his victims, especially women who like to make trouble with him.

You could say that this Terrifier has the craziest slasher level when compared to the other films on this list. It's suitable to watch for those of you who like gore and bloody scenes.

7. IT


Still, with serial killer characters, and psychopathic clowns, IT is the next film recommendation that is suitable for you to watch on Halloween celebrations.

Set in a small town called Derry, IT focuses on telling a group of young people who uncover a mysterious missing child case in the city every 27 years. According to rumors, these children were kidnapped by a clown named Pennywise who would appear once every 27 years to seek sacrifice in the form of small children.

A good mystery genre coupled with a tense atmosphere makes IT a horror film that will test your heart's abilities. Anyway, just get ready with various jumpscares that will appear because this film has quite a few jumpscares that appear in it.

IT also has a sequel released in 2019 with a storyline that continues from the first film. So, for those of you who watched the first IT, be sure to watch the sequel so you know the ending of the story of the clown Pennywise whose hobby is terrorizing young children.

8. Scream


Who doesn't know Ghostface? One of the most iconic serial killers has indeed become an icon for the Scream film franchise, which now has a total of 5 films.

One of the interesting things about this film is that from start to finish, the person who becomes Ghostface is always someone close to the main character, whether it's friends, family, girlfriend, co-workers, etc.

Of course, there will be a plot twist at the end that will surprise you when the true identity of Ghostface has been revealed.

For those of you who are looking for a horror thriller slasher full of mystery, I think Scream is the film that is most suitable for you to watch on Halloween night.

9. Hellraiser


Just as iconic as Ghostface, a demon named Pinhead in the movie Hellraiser will also make your Halloween night even scarier.

Tells the story of a demonic figure that emerges from an antique box, Hellraiser will make you scared with various sadistic scenes that appear throughout the film. One of the most iconic scenes from this film that I still remember to this day is the moment when there is a person whose whole body is being pulled by a chain so that his body parts want to come off one by one, just seeing it hurts.

The characters of Pinhead and their friends who appear with their messy organs also add to the scary impression in this film.

Oiya, this year Hellraiser also gets a remake with the same title. So, for those of you who missed the original version, you can just watch the remake version, for me, both are just as good.

10. The Black Phone

The Black Phone

This time I will close the list with a horror thriller film which was released last June with the title The Black Phone. See also The Black Phone (2022) Film Review.

Taking a concept that is far different from other horror thriller films, The Black Phone will invite you to see the various abilities that indigo children can do.

I admit that the depiction of indigo children in this film is perfect, both from the story plot and the quality of the acting, everything seems to just blend, so there is an element of horror, even though you don't see jumpscares and scary ghost scenes.

You could say that the depiction of indigo children in this film is just realistic, not most of them act like they're in a trance or daydreaming or anything like that, just like normal people, but the difference is that they can communicate. with spirits still hanging around nearby.

The black telephone media used by the main character to communicate with the spirits of his friends also works very well in this film. For those of you who like the horror thriller formula where the characters are small children like in IT films, then The Black Phone is the right recommendation for you to watch.


Those are 10 movies that are suitable for you to watch on Halloween night. Of the ten films above, which one is your favorite? Write your answer in the comments column.


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