Pearl (2022) Movie Review

Pearl (2022) Movie Review

Last March we were presented with a film made by Ti West entitled X, and it turns out that this October he released a prequel entitled "Pearl".

Like the title of the film, Pearl here will focus on the origins of Pearl's character who is shown as a psychopathic grandmother in film X.

Set in 1918, the year Pearl is still a simple country girl living with her parents. Her mother was a woman who was very strict in educating Pearl, everything Pearl did had to be with her approval. Meanwhile, his father was suffering from a serious illness that left him limp in a wheelchair, unable to speak, only able to stare weakly around him.

Life as a farmer is not what Pearl dreamed of. A long time ago, he wanted to go far from his home to explore the world. Her dreams become more real when Pearl marries Howard, who she says will take her away from the ranch. Unfortunately, after marrying Howard, she had to go to war, and like it or not, Pearl now had to help her mother with livestock and care for her father who was seriously ill.

Although her dream is slowly fading, Pearl still believes that one day she will become a famous dancing star and will travel the world. Every day Pearl even practices dancing in front of her livestock, which she considers to be loyal spectators.

Pearl's portrayal in this film is perfect. Throughout the film, we as the audience can see Pearl's change in behavior from an ordinary, innocent farm girl to finally becoming a psychopath.

Pearl's character in this film is like a shoulder that misses the moon, her hopes to become a famous dancer are so high that they will not be achieved easily. But with her stubborn nature, Pearl justifies any means to achieve her dream, even if she has to kill.

Pearl's gloomy environment also adds to the chilling atmosphere of the film. Even though there is no horror element at all, just seeing Pearl's life, which is very restrained by her parents, feels quite scary, like living in a prison, even though the prison is in the shape of her own house.

Actress Mia Goth, who returns to play Pearl, also deserves a thumbs up here. For some reason, since her appearance as the main character in film X, Mia Goth has always managed to steal the show. So far, Mia Goth rarely appears in films, even when she appears, she is sometimes only used as an extra. Therefore, through Ti West's horror eulogy, Mia Goth seems to show her potential to be able to act as the main character in totality.

I'm even still speechless with the monologue that Mia Goth did in this Pearl film for more than 6 minutes. Just imagine that you have to act like a psychopath for more than 6 minutes without cutting. Crazy, I can't stop thinking about how Mia Goth explored the character of Pearl during the shooting of this film.

In the credit scene later, Mia Goth will also present a scene that in my opinion is the scariest scene in this year's horror thriller slasher film. I won't reveal what the scene is like, so if you're curious, it's better to just watch the film.

As a prequel, Pearl manages to present an impressive origin story of a psychopathic character. It makes sense how Pearl's storyline continues to complement some of the plot holes that popped up in the X movies.



Overall, Pearl manages to be a slasher horror thriller that is both interesting and terrifying. With Mia Goth's acting quality that is too perfect, this film is worth watching for those of you who love the thriller genre.

It's also a prequel, so if you look at the storyline, Pearl should have been watched before X's.

However, for those of you who have watched film X first, it doesn't matter because the story is still the same, even though watching backward is still the same, you know, because judging from the release date, film X was released first, then Pearl.

He said, later there will also be a sequel to X which is rumored to be titled Maxxine. So I'm even more curious how Ti West will develop this slasher thriller universe. Together we wait for the continuation.



That's my review of the film Pearl (2022). You need to know that the entire content of this post comes only from my personal opinion. Therefore, if anyone wants to add, please just write in the comments column.


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