Terrifier 2 (2022) Movie Review

Terrifier 2

The first Terrifier series released in 2016 was quite successful in attracting the audience's attention with the ridiculous and sadistic appearance of the character Art the Clown. Damien Leone the creator of the character Art the Clown as well as the director of the film seems to have understood very well how much potential can be achieved from the cruel clown character he created.

You could say that the first Terrifier film was quite satisfying, even though its rating is still fairly average, only stuck at 5.5 on IMDB. However, this is enough to be a strong foundation for developing the story and characters of Art the Clown itself if a sequel is to be made.

And sure enough, 2022, on October 6, 2022, Art the Clown finally got a sequel entitled Terrifier 2. Still being worked on by Damien Leone, Terrifier 2 will continue the story of Art the Clown which surprisingly came to life. and began to terrorize a pair of brothers who turned out to have a relationship with their origins.

Even though it has been more or less 6 years since the release of the first film, it seems that Terrifier 2 has not displayed such significant changes, both in terms of image quality, acting, and even color tones, and the shots it takes still look similar. first movie.

I don't know if Damien Leone did this on purpose so that the atmosphere in the first film still feels the same as the current film. But the problem is, what makes Terrifier 2 feel very ordinary like the film isn't very good because in all aspects there are almost no improvements at all.

The only thing that improves from this film is its duration. Very different from the first film which was quite short, this time Terrifier 2 lasts more than 2 hours with a story that can't be said to be too satisfying either, but at least it's okay, not too bad.

This film could have been shorter in duration because most of the story is also not that important. But yes, in the name of a sequel, of course, there are new things that are trying to be shown, although unfortunately, these new things make this film even more disappointing.

One example is the addition of the supernatural genre to this film, which feels even more absurd. Out of nowhere, at the beginning of the film, a girl dressed as a clown looking like Art the Clown appears as a mere figment of the imagination. What's called imagination, you shouldn't be allowed to see other people, how come you can see it, you can even make a phone call to trick the main character. It seems that the depiction of the character is inconsistent, if only imagination, only Art the Clown can see it, but not everyone can see it.

That's how its function at the end of the film is also not so important, so it seems that the characters are just fads, so that the contents of the film are more lively.

The only positive thing that is still consistent in this film is the brutal scenes that are still just as crazy. Since the first Terrifier film, Art the Clown has succeeded in appearing as a serial killer who is sadistic and ruthless in slaughtering his victims. Fortunately, this is still consistently maintained, even strengthened by Art the Clown's increasingly ridiculous and deadly behavior at the same time.

Scenes such as the dismemberment of the human body splattered blood, and protruding internal organs, all of that has become commonplace in this film. Therefore, for those of you who may get nauseous easily when you see sadistic scenes like that, it's better to just skip this film.

Overall, Terrifier 2 isn't meant for everyone. With so many slasher scenes in this film, Terrifier 2 feels more suitable for those of you who want to watch a movie just to watch torture scenes, just like other slasher films like Wrong Turn, Hostel, etc.

In terms of story, you don't need to expect much, because a film like this has a standard quality story that is quite mediocre, there won't be any plot twists or other surprising things, just enjoy the show, the main problem is with the many sadistic scenes that will appear on the screen.



Even though most of the contents of the Terrifier 2 film are quite disappointing, at least I can still be entertained by the unique character of Art the Clown. It's interesting to see a sadistic but ridiculous serial killer like Art the Clown.

This is further supported by the quality of acting from David Howard Thornton, who has remained consistent as Art the Clown since the first Terrifier film. Just seeing him smile makes me feel horrified, especially since his character is mute, so he looks even more mysterious, already feels like a mix between Michael Myers and Hannibal Lecter.



That's all my review of the film Terrifier 2. You need to know that the entire contents of this post are purely my personal opinion. Therefore, if there may be additions from you, please just write them in the comments column.


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