Kingdom Season 1 Series Review

Kingdom Season 1

After the successful special episode titled Kingdom: Ashin of the North, the Kingdom series has finally risen again to become a hot topic of conversation.

The series, which started in 2019, does have its characteristics to attract the audience's attention, especially in its unique genre, combining the conditions of the zombie apocalypse with the political interests of the kingdom which is rich in historical value.

I was interested in joining this series after watching a special episode that was very special in my eyes. For some reason, this Kingdom seems to remind me of the 2 films Train to Busan which presented zombies with badass characters and were hard to beat. The difference with the Kingdom series may only lie in the setting where it takes place, as well as the political interests embedded in the conflicts in this series.

Kingdom season 1 tells the story of Crown Prince Chang, played by actor Ju Ji-Hoon, in uncovering the mystery of his father's illness, a royal noble who is reportedly suffering from an illness. Initially, it was rumored that His Highness himself had contracted deadly smallpox, but as time went on, the rumors started to become suspicious because Crown Prince Chang himself, as his son, was not allowed by his adoptive mother to see his father's condition.

This situation was also exacerbated by the position of Crown Prince Chang who was starting to be cornered as a traitor who was considered trying to seize his father's power for his interests. Hence, to get a definite answer, Crown Prince Chang finally went to Dongnae to see the healer who had been ordered to treat his father.

Another problem arose when the healer's residence was hit by a terrible plague where all of his patients became living corpses thirsty for human blood. In the end, Crown Prince Chang must find a way to survive the plague while trying to survive the pursuit of the army he is now looking for him because he is accused of being a traitor to the country.

Kingdom was initially focused on the political part, where the main character of this series, namely Crown Prince Chang, was told that he had to find strong evidence of the truth of his father's illness to refute all the treason charges that were accused of him. However, the conflict began to heat up after a zombie outbreak began to appear in the healer's residence.

The political conflicts and zombies contained in this series are made at a balanced level, so I don't get bored listening to all the conflicts displayed in this Kingdom series. Actor Ryu Seung-ryong as the intimidating leader of the Haewon Cho clan also manages to horrify and evoke emotions for his extremely selfish behavior.

All members of the Haewon Cho Clan are described as antagonistic characters, such as corrupt officials, monopolists of power, and thirst for office. They are indeed the most influential clan in the government, but they are also the mastermind behind various problems that exist within the country itself.

The zombie outbreaks featured in this series also have their characteristics, as the undead will only be aggressive at night and will die again during the day, just like vampires. The level of aggressiveness is the same as the zombies on Train to Busan, they can run fast and people who are bitten can immediately become infected and become zombies in just a few minutes.

It's that kind of atmosphere that makes this series interesting because the fear will always come late at night. This feeling of tension is also evident in several scenes, one of which is the scene when Crown Prince Chang helps the carriage that fell into the pit, while the undead start chasing them fiercely.

The political conflict that is shown also seems very interesting, supported by the quality of acting from Ryu Seung-ryong and Kim Hye-jun which really must be admired because it succeeded in draining my emotions as a viewer. Especially Kim Hye-jun as a queen whose acting I like, only with her cynical and arrogant gaze, she manages to give the perfect impression of being a sadistic queen.

The series also features some quite interesting plot twists, and most of them appear in the sixth episode which is the final episode. These various plot twists have succeeded in making me curious about the continuation of the Kingdom series, because the plot twists that are presented also make an important contribution to the story, such as the reason why zombies are only active at night to the mysteries. about the queen's pregnancy which turned out to be full of conspiracies. With the emergence of new mysteries and the revelation of His Majesty's cunning plans, I as the audience am increasingly curious about how this story will continue.

The weakness of the Kingdom season 1 series, in my opinion, is only found in the lack of story background in Crown Prince Chang. During these 6 episodes, Crown Prince Chang's past is only shown for a few minutes. Even though I think this is very important because the problem that Crown Prince Chang is experiencing is related to his status as Crown Prince, the root of the problem must be explained first.



the quality of the story and acting is practically good, although not too perfect either. The ferocious and ruthless character of the zombies made me interested in joining this series, considering that zombies in other films are made less challenging and that's all. In my opinion, presenting zombies that are only aggressive at night is a fresh idea and seems different from the others.

In essence, this Korean drama series is perfect for those of you who like things that smell like zombies and are familiar with pictures of the Korean empire in the past. Don't worry, all the scenes in this series are not too dangerous, so you can enjoy it with your family, unlike in The Walking Dead series which does feature quite brutal zombie-killing scenes.



Maybe that's enough for my review this time, then maybe I will make a review for the second season.

Oiya, I need to remind you that all of this content is only based on my personal opinion. So for those of you who have different opinions or views, please just write in the comments column.


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