Violet Evergarden: The Movie (2020) Review

Violet Evergarden: The Movie (2020) Review

Quite some novels have been adapted into films, many of which have been successful, such as Violet Evergarden: The Movie. Violet-chan already has one anime season which is condensed into 13 episodes, all of which are produced by Kyoto Animation and have been completed since April 5, 2018. Honestly, although I don't like the drama genre, I think the concept is too dull. However, for some reason, all of my views changed after watching Violet's life story.

Violet Evergarden The Movie releases on March 3, 2021, about 2 years after the anime finished. Trust me, before watching the film, prepare a piece of tissue that you will use later because I also spent a lot of tissue during this film.

Unlike her name, Violet, the main character, is just an ordinary girl. Since childhood, she has been abandoned by her father, experienced various difficult times on the battlefield, and abandoned by the person she loved the most, Major Gilbert until finally, she is now the most famous Doll. Doll here is not a doll that means goods, but a correspondence service that was very popular at that time.

As a friend, Doll helps each customer to express their feelings in a letter. Like the chirping of birds in the morning, the beauty of a series of writings from a Doll can also make its customers glow. Doll's work was urgently needed because few people could write in those days, and the only means of communicating was by letter. Therefore, there is no other choice for people to use Doll as their intermediary to convey a beautiful sentence.

That morning, Violet-chan submitted her work entitled "Hymn of the Sea" to the Goddess of the Sea, Irma Fliech, which was read right away during a celebration. Everyone was flattered by Violet's beautiful writing, the Mayor even went straight to her, giving her the praise she deserved. However, unlike other people who were like for praise, Violet turned down all the praise the mayor had given her. With all her humility, Violet felt that what she was doing now still couldn't cover up all the mistakes she had made in the past. Violet thought that all of her works were just a series of words written in moderation, nothing more.

Sounds strange, but that's the nature of the main character. Her humility and decency are second to none, coupled with the beauty of her face, they all seem to blend perfectly, making her like an angel in our dreams. It seems that from the start I only mentioned Violet as the main character, but that's what this film is all about. Everything you will see in the film will focus on how Violet's life goes.

Violet Evergarden: The Movie is closely related to the themes of life, friendship, and love. I am still trying to figure out how the story of a letter writer can become a work full of meaning. All the conflicts that Violet has experienced can be felt in our minds, maybe our hands will not be replaced with iron fists, but believe me, all the difficulties and wounds experienced by Violet during her life, we must have felt all of that too, right?

Amazingly, Violet still struggles with what she has, even though Major Gilbert, the person she loves the most, never gives any news, but she still works hard as a doll, helping every customer who needs her services as much as possible. This film teaches us about hard work and perseverance toward a job. Even if there are various problems, we must be able to complete the responsibilities of a job.

Drama romance and friendship are also very implied in this film. After all, Violet is still an ordinary girl who does not escape the problem of love. Her life journey with Major Gilbert is also gradually shown, present as a flashback moment, but still described interestingly so as not to bore the audience.

Also supported by the very stunning animation quality, making this film feel so perfect. Every movement of the character is also very smooth and realistic, making the audience seem to forget that this film is only an animation.




Violet Evergarden The Movie becomes a perfect novel adaptation because the visualization of a novel is very clearly depicted in this film, just a small example like when Violet's work is depicted flying into the air, describing the time timeline shift that makes it look like an event depicted in a novel. How each scene is shown also makes me really feel that this film is indeed adapted from a novel. Therefore, for those of you who like movies, especially lovers of the drama genre, this film should not be missed from your list.

I don't know if this movie has anything to do with the anime, because right now I'm also just trying to watch one season of the anime :)

That's all I can say regarding the review of Violet Evergarden The Movie. If there are criticisms or suggestions from you, please write them in the comments column.

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