Werewolf by Night (2022) Review

Werewolf by Night

In 2022, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) entered its fourth phase, and for me, the performance of the fourth phase of the MCU was a little disappointing. Lots of Marvel films this year are felt to be unsatisfactory, both in terms of CGI and story concepts, but there are still many shortcomings.

However, on the other hand, this fourth phase of the MCU very clearly illustrates that Marvel in the future can freely express its ideas in making films, just like in the comics now. For example, this year we are presented with the craziest crossover movie in Spiderman No Way Home, the dark nuances in the Multiverse of Madness, the crazy action scenes in Moon Knight, and now Marvel presents a slasher thriller with the release of the film Werewolf by Night.

The story is simple, the duration is short, and there are no frills - have to watch this first or whatever, and suddenly boom, Werewolf by Night became a Marvel movie that many audiences love. If you want to watch this film and are still unsure whether it will be good or not, it's better to just watch it, because this film is very mindblowing for you.

As far as I know, only in this film did Marvel dare to present quite brutal slasher scenes, for example, scenes of dismembered bodies, flowing blood, action, and wild fights. Given all that, it's hard to think that this film is part of the MCU. But yeah, it's a special episode, so the content has to be special, and it works.

Werewolf by Night tells the story of monster hunters who have to compete with each other for a gem called Bloodstone. This gem was previously owned by Ulysses Bloodstone and was originally planned to be given to his daughter. But because his daughter never came home, through his will, Ulysses Bloodstone ordered his wife to gather the best hunters and give them a challenge. Anyone who passes the challenge will inherit the Bloodstone.

The gathered hunters didn't know each other, their identities remained hidden as nameless people, and worst of all they didn't know that one of them was a werewolf. So what is the Werewolf's goal in participating in the event? Why is he willing to be in the midst of a group of hunters whose prowess is beyond doubt?

When viewed from a story perspective, there's not much that I can comment on, considering that this film only lasts 50 minutes. The story is dense and dense, and it's clear, but we as the audience are still given the right pause to understand how each scene works. So even though the duration of the film is only short, it's still okay, nothing is lacking.

The classic horror style shown in this film is also really good. From the moment the opening music is played, a clear transition is given to let the audience know that this film will feature an old-school style from the 70s. Starting from the music, color tones, and art design, everything is made to resemble classic horror films of the past. The last time I saw a film in this style was in 2019 with Robert Eggers' Lighthouse.

Lighthouse and Werewolf by Night bring classic horror style to perfection. The difference is, Werewolf by Night still looks friendly thanks to an easy-to-understand story.

With a duration of only 50 minutes, Marvel looks very total in releasing their CGI quality. In my opinion, the CGI in Werewolf by Night is the best when compared to other MCU fourth phases. The quality of CGI can be seen in this film brings the character of Man-Thing. The details of Man Thing's body which is filled with various plants are described in detail, making his appearance interesting for you to look at.

Not only CGI, but the film also has many action scenes that are no less good. With its setting in a world full of monsters, Michael Giacchino as the director freely displays action scenes that are free and wild, like real fights between humans and monsters. Broken limbs, blood pouring, all of that will feel very natural when watching this one film, he is also a Werewolf, so he has to be brutal like this.



As the title suggests, this special MCU episode does present its taste for Marvel connoisseurs. Werewolf by Night proved that Marvel can now get out of its comfort zone. Not only always making family-friendly superhero films, but now Marvel has begun to expand freely like in the comics, one of the proofs is the emergence of Werewolf by Night which is full of brutal scenes, very much different when compared to Marvel films. other.

Maybe Werewolf by Night won't be suitable for those of you who are used to watching movies with the previous MCU comfort zone template. However, for me who likes slasher thrillers, Werewolf by Night is a special episode that spoils the eye.



That's my review of the special episode from Marvel entitled Werewolf by Night.


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