Vesper (2022) Movie Review

Vesper (2022) Movie Review

Living in a post-apocalyptic world has never been as easy as you might think. A broken world, with scarce resources, is an era when the earth is no longer a livable place for mankind. It was during this time that Vesper lived her life, she was just a 13-year-old little girl who lived independently amidst all the chaos that existed.

In carrying out each of his activities, Vesper is accompanied by a drone which is a manifestation of the consciousness of his father, Darius (Richard Brake), who is now lying limp in his bedroom. Since having an accident, Darius can no longer move, his consciousness is then transferred to a drone so that he can always accompany Vesper wherever he goes. Besides being able to fly with Vesper, the drone can also talk, his voice is low, but sounds very sincere, illustrating how much Darius loves Vesper.

This broken world started when humanity invested heavily in genetic ecological technologies to produce abundant resources. But unfortunately, the technology that was expected to be able to save humanity from the scarcity of these resources failed and devoured all the food and animals around the world. As a result, the earth became empty and not a single food supply remained.

The only place that is still protected from this cataclysm is named Fort, a closed city that is only inhabited by educated people and elites who have high power. Among all the remaining places on earth, only the Citadel could still prosper by creating seeds that could become a source of food for mankind.

But unfortunately, this seed can only be harvested once, even if the residents outside the Fort want it, they have to barter with the goods the Fortress needs to get the seed.

That's what Vesper's uncle Jonas (Eddie Marsan) did. Every day, Jonas gives blood bags to Rook in exchange for seeds. Jonas's blood was obtained from the children who lived in the same house as him. He promises a safe and comfortable life for the little ones, but as long as they live with Jonas, they must continue to donate blood so that Jonas can continue to get seeds and meet all their needs.

Unlike his uncle, Vesper chose to live alone with his father in his house. Armed with his self-taught bio-hacking skills, Vesper sets out to create a seed that can be harvested repeatedly so he and his father can move to the Citadel and save the world from a resource crisis. Can Vesper make his dream come true? You can get the answer after watching the film.

From a visual standpoint, Vesper manages to display the post-apocalyptic world environment in great detail. All areas of the earth in this film are depicted with various types of parasitic plants that are completely inedible to humans. It's hard to think that the world that Vesper lives in is earthly because there are so many strange things that are shown in this film. It fits the genre in a sci-fi form.

From the good visuals, there's only one thing that makes me wonder a little, namely about the trees in the forest that still seem to be thick. Even though at the beginning of the film it was explained that all plants had been destroyed due to the failure of genetic technological innovations carried out by mankind, then how could the forest still be fertile and filled with lush trees? Classified as trivial, but made me wonder throughout the film. Maybe some of you know the answer?

Apart from presenting various panoramas that are refreshing to the eye, Vesper also manages to present quite a deep story about the inseparable relationship between father and son. The chemistry between Vesper and Darius was built quite well from the start of the film, making those of me who watched it able to feel empathy for each character, especially for Darius when the conflict peaked.

Raffiella Chapman's acting as Vesper also deserves a thumbs up. At the age of only 15 years, Raffiella can provide a very captivating quality of acting. Her acting as an independent 13-year-old girl was successfully executed perfectly, starting from her behavior, and attitude, to the emotions and facial expressions that she displayed throughout the film. his dream is to bring his father to the Citadel and save the world.

The directorial style of Bruno Samper and Kristina Buozyte, which mostly displays large areas, is also able to present the state of the world in this Vesper film very well. It's as if we as spectators are made to enter the world of Vespers which is full of new things to explore.

The concept of the story is also not bad, although I was a little disappointed with the ending which was less exciting and seemed to hang. The climax of the conflict which is made not too intense also makes this film less memorable.



Overall, Vesper is a sci-fi film that can be enjoyed in your spare time. The good setting and captivating quality of acting make this film worth watching.

You also need to know that Vesper has several scenes that might be a little "disgusting" for you to watch. So my advice is when you watch it, it's better not to snack while you're afraid that it will continue to make you lose your appetite, how come it can be a hassle?

The sensation of watching Vesper is similar to watching Dune, although judging from the story and quality, Dune is far superior to that. But at least, Vesper is still a decent spectacle for you sci-fi adventure lovers who like the captivating theme of the post-apocalypse world.



That's my review of the Vesper movie. Keep in mind that the entire content of this post is my personal opinion. Therefore, if any of you have something to add, don't be shy to write it down in the comments column.


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