Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (2021) Movie Review

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions

Given the success of the film Escape Room which was released in 2019, it is not surprising that this film has a sequel which will finally be released at the end of 2021 with the title Escape Room: Tournament of Champions. This sequel to Escape Room doesn't seem to want to change the tense atmosphere that has been built since the first film, which made Adam Robitel re-elected as director in this psychological thriller sequel.

Because Escape Room is still in the hands of the same person, therefore I have high hopes when this film is released, I hope that the psychological thriller genre by Adam Robitel that was presented in 2019 can still be felt in this sequel film. And sure enough, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions turned out to provide the same thrilling sensation as the first film. It turns out that in this sequel the difficulty level of the puzzles looks more challenging, maybe because the participants are people who have won previous games, so the difficulty level is even higher now I don't know. What is clear, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions will make you excited with its various traps that make you sick when you watch it.

Continuing the story of the first film, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions will again feature Zoey and Ben who want to try to uncover the identity of the Minos company which is the mastermind behind all the deadly games they experienced before. Armed with the coordinates that Zoey managed to decipher from the Minos company logo, the two of them are determined to come to the place and try to uncover the truth before finally they are trapped back into a new game with the other winners.

The story of Escape Room: Tournament of Champions is the same as its predecessor in the film, players are required to complete puzzles to get out of the room before the traps in the room devour their lives. If you've watched similar thrillers like Saw and Cube, then you can see the format of this film. However, if this is your first time watching a film in this format, then be prepared to close your eyes often because these traps do make you feel sore, although sometimes these traps don't take their lives.

For example, during the scene where they are trapped in a bank-shaped room with a laser light trap that can penetrate the skin with just one touch. Even though it looks simple and sometimes the laser just looks like it's just scratching it, this scene adds extra tension, because the audience must have thought that lasers could just appear above the head or immediately split the body in two.

Not only showing the players struggling with traps, but this film also develops the plot to the person who is the mastermind behind the making of all these traps. If you still remember, at the end of the film Escape Room (2019) there is an additional scene in which a mysterious male voice appears after the crashing airplane simulation trap has finished operating. The scene indirectly explains that the traps that have been prepared are made on purpose and have gone through various simulation stages so that the chances of surviving each trap can be presented clearly. All activities have also been well coordinated by the leader who will appear in the sequel to this film.

To explain the antagonist, there will be a little flashback to 2003 which tells a little about the family that is the mastermind behind the description of the process of making the death trap. This film also indirectly explains that all the deadly games shown are the business of rich people who have fun watching the game players suffer. Things like that have often been shown in movies, but the stories shown are different, so it keeps me addicted to watching other films of a similar genre.

It's the same with Escape Room, maybe when viewed widely, this film will be the same as Saw, Cube, and The Furies. However, when viewed from the side of how the story in this film is presented, Escape Room will be a very interesting thriller to watch repeatedly. In my own opinion, these 2 Escape Room films are like the modern version of the Saw film, because the types of traps are equally deadly, and the chances of survival are almost 0%.

Oh yes, don't forget that this film has a plot twist that will appear at the end of the film. I won't explain the plot twist itself for fear of spoilers, so it's better to watch the film first, then write in the comments column who the real antagonist is.



A room full of traps may look normal, but it's different from a room that looks very neat and clean, but in fact, it's full of deadly traps. How about this, it's nice to see rooms like beaches, banks, and city streets made with advanced technology complete with various traps in them. I don't get bored just by looking at it, it's fun to watch, although there are a lot of traps that make me sick too. The visual effect looks good, as every room gives off a different vibe.

Overall, this film is highly recommended for thriller genre lovers. My advice is not to miss watching because Escape Room: Tournament of Champions will provide a thriller atmosphere that is different from other films. This film will also look even better if you have watched the first film which was released in 2019 because the storylines are interrelated.



That's all I can say regarding the film review Escape Room: Tournament of Champions. If there are additions, please just write them in the comments column for discussion.


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