Candyman (2021) Movie Review


"Call him 5 times in front of the mirror, and he will immediately come to kill you."

The name Candyman may sound foreign to today's horror genre, but the name sounds like a comedy or other casual film, without the hint of horror. However, don't judge a book by its cover, even if the title doesn't sound like a horror film, Candyman tells a darker story than you might expect.

Candyman tells about the urban legend of the black community in the Cabrini-Green Settlement Project area, if you search for more information on Google, you can find that the Cabrini-Green area is a settlement filled with black residents who have now been evicted because of the many problems that arose. in the area, such as poverty, gangs, drugs, and various other types of crime.

I don't know for sure whether this film has anything to do with that history. What is clear, based on this incident, Candyman is not an ordinary horror film. The way the historical conflict of slavery is conveyed to black people in America is poured into the horror-thriller genre through its antagonist character named Candyman making this film seem to have more value than just a classic horror film filled with ghost and jumpscare scenes.

Candyman tells the story of a painter named Anthony McCoy who is looking for inspiration to make a painting until finally, he starts hearing stories about Helen Lyle who is said to have gone mad and died tragically due to her curiosity about Candyman. Hearing more about Candyman, Anthony McCoy seemed to have a separate room from Candyman so he finally made a painting about this mythical character. However, Candyman turns out to be connected to a past he doesn't want to know about.

Candyman is said to be a ruthless killer, who will appear when you call him 5 times in front of a mirror while staring at your reflection.

Say "Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyman." Then in an instant, Candyman's figure will be in the mirror image and immediately kill you with the hook in his hand.

The story is indeed too fictitious and at first, glance seems like an ordinary rumor, but that changes instantly when victims start falling after Anthony tells the story of Candyman in a painting exhibition.

As a horror film, in my opinion, Candyman manages to present a unique horror atmosphere, almost like the film Mirror, where a new ghost terrorizes its victims when faced with a mirror. Broadly speaking, this Candyman is also like that, terrorizing anyone who mentions his name in the mirror, but the difference is that the background of Candyman's story is full of historical values ​​about slavery and injustice experienced by black people in the region.

This picture can be seen clearly in the scene where William Burke tells the history of Candyman's birth which started from excessive stereotypes between blacks and whites. In the past, the black race was often degraded and considered not the same as the white race, various cruel and unfair behaviors were often accepted by the black race which eventually led to endless grudges and revenge.

This Candyman also has its style in depicting flashback moments, namely by showing simple animations which in the end made me who watched it even more curious about the truth behind the figures of Candyman and Helen Lyle who had a relationship with little Anthony McCoy.

My curiosity has finally been answered because it turns out that the 2021 Candyman film is a sequel to the film of the same name which was released in 1992. In the 1992 Candyman film, the story focuses on Helen Lyle while investigating the Green Cabrini Area.

The film's story seems to be a thread that explains the flashback moments shown in Candyman 2021. Therefore, for those of you who still don't understand the ending, you can continue watching the first film, which was released in 1992 so you can understand history better. the appearance of the Candyman character and find out in more detail what happened to Helen Lyle at that time.

Broadly speaking, Candyman is an out-of-the-box horror film, with various complex conflicts and the figure behind Candyman which turns out to reflect the historical values ​​of black people in the US region. For those of you who like the horror genre that's not too gripping, Candyman can be a solid film choice.

But, you also have to remember that this film has thriller scenes which are certainly very unsafe for those of you who are afraid of blood. So, please just write your opinion after watching this film in the comments column.



Score 8 from me thanks to the quality of deepening the story and Michael Hargrove's role as Sherman Fields aka Candyman which is enough to make me interested especially when he appears from behind the wall in the opening scene of this film, in my opinion, is the best scene throughout this film, see Candyman coming out of the wall, holding a candy while humming softly with the other hand which is a sharp hook like a psychopath ready to swallow its prey.

Overall, I recommend Candyman for you to watch, the story is also fun, and not easily boring, coupled with various thriller scenes that are shown in the right portion, making this film still interesting even though it's been watched many times.



That's all I can say regarding the Candyman film review. If there are criticisms or suggestions from you, please just write them in the comments column.


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