Dangerous (2021) Movie Review

Dangerous (2021) Movie Review

It's quite interesting to see that this film is directed by David Hackl, who has handled one of the Saw franchise films.

David Hackl was a director in one of the Saw series, so my expectation for this year's film is that the atmosphere might not be much different from the previous Saw films. Especially considering that this film will feature a main character who has a psychopathic soul, similar to John Kramer.

However, these are all just expectations, because in my opinion, the Dangerous film made by David Hackl, which was just released on November 5, 2021, is still not satisfactory. However, before explaining the reasons behind my opinion, maybe take a look at the synopsis first.

The film Dangerous tells the story of Dylan Forrester, a man who suffers from an antisocial personality disorder that makes him lack empathy and compassion. As a result of his illness, Dylan ended up committing many crimes such as attempted murder, torture, etc. until he was finally targeted by Agent Shaughessy, an FBI agent who intended to imprison him.

Dylan is trying to be normal too. He underwent treatment with Dr. Alderwood, a therapist who is ready to handle his condition 24 hours a day. All the healing processes went normally until finally, the secret of his sister's death began to unfold.

From the start, Dylan was portrayed as an evil figure, as if the audience had been given a hint that the main character in this film was an antagonist. Like the earth and the sky, Dylan's younger brother, Sean, is a genius scientist who is the pride of his family, he is even able to buy a private island which later becomes his final residence. Because Dylan was a criminal, he was not accepted when he came to his sister's funeral, he was even kicked out by his mother so as not to cause chaos at the sacred event. However, behind Sean's fragrant name, it turns out that he is hiding something that ultimately endangers the family.

Knowing that his family is being threatened, Dylan must now be faced with a difficult situation, deep down he wants to be normal, but the other side of him says that he has to kill everyone who disturbs his family. In general, this film succeeds in portraying an antisocial figure. Scott Eastwood's acting who plays Dylan deserves a thumbs up, it seems he has worked hard to explore the character of Dylan Forrester. However, what I regret about this film is the lack of action scenes. The conflict itself is quite interesting, featuring various Assassins as antagonist characters, but everything looks very ordinary in battle, nothing special like that, like very easy to beat.

Even the last battle seemed unemotional, the battle scenes were so short and not well-conceived that I, who watched it, felt I was used to it. I don't know whether David Hackl focused this film on the mystery genre only so that the portion of the action scenes was made very minimal, or maybe it was because Scott Eastwood couldn't do the action scenes well enough. To be sure, this film brings out the great potential of the main character who is antisocial. If someone is antisocial, he should be sadistic, he has no empathy, so it should be more brutal than this.

He's been undergoing treatment, could it be possible that his emotions can be controlled?
Even if Dylan had controlled his emotions from the start, he shouldn't have killed Blanchard, who was a member of the assassination squad. So Dylan looks unstable like that, from the beginning he doesn't kill people, but right in the middle, he ends up killing people too. Even though in the end he also got permission from his therapist to return to his old self, that didn't help at all because in the end there were only a few dark scenes, it seemed useless, and he returned to being a killer. , but only a few minutes before it ends.

However, despite all these shortcomings, Dangerous is still a pretty good film to watch, the storyline is light to follow and the scenes are quite interesting, so those who watch it don't feel bored at all. This film also does not feature sadistic scenes so it is safe to watch with the family.



I gave a score of 5 due to the lack of action scenes which should be the main attraction of this film considering that the main character is an antisocial person.

Overall, Dangerous is still okay for those of you who want a mystery genre film with an uncomplicated story and no bloody scenes. However, for those of you who expect good action scenes, it's better to just watch another film.



That's all I can say regarding the Dangerous film review. If there are criticisms or suggestions from you, please just write them in the comments column.


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