Malignant (2021) Movie Review


Despite the many crises and health problems caused by Covid-19, 2021 looks to be quite an impressive year for the movie industry, especially for the horror thriller genre. This is proven by the many cool movies released this year, for example, A Quiet Place 2, Don't Breathe 2, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, Halloween Kills, and Malignant which I will review in this post.

Malignant is a movie directed by James Wan whose track record in the movie industry cannot be doubted. Carrying the horror and thriller genres, this movie will present a horror feel combined with various sadistic scenes typical of the thriller genre some of its scenes.

Ganas tells of a woman named Madison who often has nightmares until in the end, she finds out that all of her nightmares are real horrific events. All of Madison's nightmares are not mere coincidences, all of which turn out to be related to Madison's past which she has long forgotten.

At first, this movie was very thick with the horror genre. Each scene is shown slowly, making the audience excited, like there is a jumpscare. The depiction of every horror scene is pretty good, but in my own opinion, the nuances of horror that are released don't make us afraid, just to be vigilant. It's the same with horror thriller movies like Halloween and Terrifier, where the horror scenes shown make the audience anxious.

Malignant indeed brings the horror thriller genre to a different level by presenting a bit of mystery about the figure behind Gabriel as an enigmatic antagonist character. The storyline of this movie is almost like a mystery genre because the disclosure of the antagonist (Gabriel) is done in a mindblowing way, like wtf it turns out that he was once close to the main character, and when he came out he immediately brutally slaughtered him. James Wan seems to have separated his horror thriller genre a bit, because when the antagonist character is revealed, that's where the thriller genre begins, eliminating the horror nuance that is presented at the beginning to the middle of this movie.

This movie lasts almost 2 hours, but the story that is displayed feels very solid so it keeps me from getting bored while watching it. The conflict shown in this movie has indeed started to build from the early minutes when Derek, who is Maddie's husband, is killed in a fairly sadistic way. The conflict seemed so artificial that I, who was watching it, didn't seem to realize that suddenly I would come to an end.

Broadly speaking, Malignant does present a different feel of horror, by depicting the core of the story that is not easy to predict, as well as various mystery scenes that are shown from the beginning to the middle of the movie which of course makes this a very interesting movie to watch. Moreover, this movie is also the work of James Wan, who has successfully made movies of a similar genre. So, even though Malignant is far from being a masterpiece, this movie is quite interesting for you to watch in your spare time.



Thanks to the unpredictable plot which makes this movie not boring. As for the drawbacks, in my own opinion, there are only a few horror nuances that are shown, because from the start I had expected this movie to feature various spooky scenes, but it turns out, well, it's not scary at all, but the thriller genre gets it. So, for those of you who like the thriller genre, Malignant can be on your watch list this weekend.



That's all I can say regarding the review of the movie Malignant. If there are additions, please just write them in the comments column for discussion.


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