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The high enthusiasm for the Dune film finally made me enjoy the storyline, which at first I didn't even know what this film was about. Dune does present a variety of new things, which have never been in other films, but with a plot that seems a bit slow. Yep, I think that's the big picture of Dune, but for the rest let's just read this post to the end.

Dune is a science fiction film directed by Denis Villeneuve, the same person behind the success of the films Arrival and Blade Runner 2049 in 2016 - 2017. Given the track record of his films which have very complex storylines, it is not surprising that he used this film. the formula again in Dune.

Based on Frank Herbert's novel of the same name, Dune is about the heir to the Atreides family named Paul, played by Timothée Chalamet, who must carry out his duties on the most dangerous planet, the planet Arrakis, to earn honor and ensure his safety. . live in the future. will come.

Before discussing Paul, I will first explain several families that will later appear in the Dune film. The first was the Atreides family, with Paul's father, Duke Leto, at its head. Duke Leto's wife, Lady Jessica, is descended from the Bene Gesserit, who is said to have the ability to perform a kind of hypnosis (Voice), which she can use to take over her opponent's consciousness. This is why Paul is ordered to use (Voice) to force his mother to fetch water in this early scene of the film.

Then there is the Harkonen family, who are said to be one of the sworn enemies of the Atreides family. This family is led by Vladimir Harkonen who has the ambition to rule with cunning and cruelty. Vladimir Harkonen is described as so fat that he has to use special tools to fly to move freely. His confidant, Glossu Rabban, is the commander in charge of leading the troops to carry out the attack. This family had ruled the planet Arrakis for 80 years, before finally having to retreat under the orders of the Galactic Padishah. The Harkonen family is described as having a muscular physique with a shaved head, so it seems that this family looks terrible enough to fight against.

Next is the Fremen clan, the original clan from the planet Arrakis which is said to be the original inhabitants of the planet. Fremen are depicted with blue eyes and special clothing designed to withstand the heat of the planet Arrakis. The origin of this clan's blue eyes comes from exposure to the spices they consumed long ago. This spice is the rarest resource in the universe that makes traveling between galaxies fast. This reason also caused the Harkonen family to feel at home controlling the planet Arrakis for 80 years because during that time the Harkonen family could freely harvest Spices for their needs until finally, the Atreides family came to take over the planet.

The initial conflict started when the Atreides family was ordered by the Padishah Kingdom to replace the Harkonen family on the planet Arrakis. Duke Leto as head of the Atreides family already felt that this was a trap. However, he finally agreed to the order given the planet Arrakis' immense resources. Unlike the Harkonen family who ruled cruelly, the Atreides family treated the natives of the planet Arrakis gently, until in the end, various attacks threatened the Atreides family.

With its long duration, Dune does provide a story plot that seems slow, so many of you might find this film very boring. However, considering that Dune is a film adaptation of a novel, it is only natural that so many characters appear that this film seems to have too many parts in terms of character depth. In addition, the many parties involved are another factor why this film seems difficult to understand if you only watch it once.

Apart from the complexity of the story shown in this film, Dune has characteristics from other sci-fi genre films. Various advanced technologies that appear in this film seem to give an interesting impression to see how human technology will be in the future when they can explore the galaxy. Yes, the concept is indeed like Star Wars, but Dune presents it more simply and smoothly, so it's much more pleasing to the eye. This film also features a huge Alaskan worm monster which impressed me. But, this monster did not eat Sandy's tail but devoured everything that was heard over the desert planet Arrakis. This monster named Khai Hulud seems to be a magnetic field for me to get even more excited about watching the Dune movie, it's just cool to see a jumbo-sized worm that can devour any building in one gulp.

You need to know that the Dune film is divided into 2 parts, it is planned that the second part will be released in 2023. So, for those of you who are disappointed that the ending is not satisfying, just wait until 2023 because the story of this film still has a sequel.



I give a score of 8 for Dune because this film manages to present a story that is very different from most sci-fi genre films. Dune also has a storyline that is not easy to predict, all the characters that appear in this film seem to have the same chance to meet their death, that impression makes me curious so I want to see the continuation of the Dune film. What's more, this film also presents a graphic display that is very satisfying so that it seems as if you will never get tired of seeing various planetary conditions and various advanced technologies that have sprung up.

The quality of the actions shown is also not too bad. Timothée Chalamet's acting as Paul Astreides is not excessive, so he manages to bring out the character of someone who has to accept the heavy burden of being the successor to the Astreides family as the largest family that is now assigned to rule the planet Arrakis.



That's all I can say regarding the Dune film review. If there are criticisms or suggestions from you, please just write them in the comments column.


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