Red Notice (2021) Movie Review

Red Notice

It is interesting to see the collaboration between Rawson Marshall Thurber and Dwayne Johnson, which is now the third time since the release of the film Central Intelligence (2016). In this film, Thurber doesn't only present Dwayne Johnson, he also presents other star figures, such as Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds who took part in this Red Notice film. Oh yes, don't forget Ed Sheeran will also appear in a cameo at the end of the film. So, you could say that Red Notice is indeed full of famous actors and actresses whose fees are of course tempting. However, is this film as luxurious as it seems?

Red Notice tells of an FBI agent named John Hartley (Dwayne Johnson) who is on duty to catch the world's most wanted thief, Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds), who at that time plans to steal 3 jewel eggs which are valuable items belonging to Cleopatra. . long gone. In his attempt to catch Nolan, John Hartley is assisted by someone known as The Bishop (Gal Gadot) whose job is to tell the location where Nolan will act.

After a fierce battle with John, Nolan finally manages to escape with Cleopatra's first jewel egg, and immediately flees to Bali to hide. However, when he arrived in Bali, Nolan was immediately arrested by John, who already knew his hiding place thanks to information from The Bishop. Nolan was finally caught, but, after that John was also arrested because the jewel eggs he took from Nolan had been exchanged with fake ones during his journey back to Rome, John was accused of being a thief just like Nolan who ended up languishing in the same prison cell in Moscow. The conflict will start from there, where Nolan and John will work together to catch the main mastermind behind all these events to clear their name and reputation.

Red Notice does provide a very good action genre, yes, even though we already knew from the start that Dwayne Johnson would be an unbeatable figure. Falling from a high place, being gored by a bull, being electrocuted, no matter what happens, one cannot look inferior to others, one's body is already like that. Apart from that, the comedy genre that is shown doesn't seem too forced, now, even though everyone's comedy tastes are different, this film can at least be positioned on a safe line in carrying out the comedy genre.

Thanks to the comedy genre too, all action scenes that don't make sense are understandable, I consider all of these as one comedy scene, but the scenes are also pleasing to the eye, and not boring. The story elements that are displayed are also very simple, easy to follow, and don't make you tired of thinking. These various factors may be the reason why this film was able to break the record for the most views this November. Moreover, this film also features various places around the world which of course will attract a much larger audience, especially for Indonesian netizens because this country has people whose hype explodes when their country is featured in foreign films.

But apart from all that, Red Notice still has some serious problems that seem to need to be fixed immediately if you want to continue the story in this film. One of the very visible problems is the setting of the place which does look very fake. Various places are very visible if they are just edited so that the impression is bland, for example in the scene in Bali, it is clear that the trees beside the villa are only made of plastic. This is also repeated in the scene in the Argentinian forest, where the trees don't look real. The way John and Booth found the hidden bunker was also very absurd, usually, the bunker was only buried a few centimeters, even though it had been hidden for more than 70 years.

Red Notice also doesn't feature the antagonist side of The Bishop, even though Gal Gadot's acting is already very good, for some reason I still don't feel that The Bishop is the main antagonist. I'm more inclined towards the Das agent who became an antagonist because he was the one who imprisoned John from the start.

Broadly speaking, Red Notice is an action comedy film that can accompany your free time on weekends with your family thanks to its light story elements and not many action scenes – that's all. Yes, even though this film still has many weaknesses, in my opinion, Red Notice deserves to be the film with the highest gross income this month.

I hope this film will be continued considering the potential for the story is still very large. Honestly, I still wonder what the story would be if the three men joined forces to pull off an even bigger heist. Not only that, the possibility of a spin-off that tells of one of the characters in this film is also very promising, especially Nolan Booth's character in his quest to become a famous thief, or it could be a spin-off about The Bishop character because in Red Notice the background of this character is still very minimal.



I give a score of 8 thanks to the story which is very fun to enjoy. The relatively long duration (about 2 hours) feels very fast because the overall appearance of the film is made very attractive.

Overall, Red Notice is worth watching, especially for those of you who are looking for a relaxing movie to accompany your free time. This film is also very safe if you watch it with your boyfriend or family.



That's all I can say regarding the review of the film Red Notice (2021). If there are criticisms or suggestions from you, please just write them in the comments column.


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