Titane (2021) Movie Review

Titane (2021) Movie Review

Brutal, sadistic, and full of violence. That's the image that comes to my mind after watching the Titane movie. This film seems to be made to show the most distorted human side due to a bad mental condition, as well as the trauma he experienced since childhood. The various problems he experienced made his brutal behavior look very inhumane.

Julia Ducournau as a director seems to have her characteristics in making films full of distorted sexual and violent scenes. After 6 years of success with the film Raw, now Durconau's progress continues with the film Titane which is more or less the same type, has sexual scenes, and is full of deviant behavior. In fact, in my opinion, Titane hurts even more when compared to Raw, because this film features a lot of violent scenes since the initial duration of this film. Apart from that, the story shown in the film Titane also seems darker, by presenting the main character who is traumatized and in a very bad mental condition, so that his various behaviors can no longer be classified as normal human beings.

Titane tells the story of a woman named Alexia, played by Agathe Rousselle, who since childhood had a problem where her head had to be fitted with a titanium plate due to an accident caused by her mischief. The story continues when Alexia enters her teens, where she now works as an entertainer at a racing contest and has a fairly high reputation for her work. One night, a man follows her asking for an autograph, not knowing that Alexia is a merciless killer.

To be honest, I like the portrayal of Alexia's character, where she is told as someone full of problems since childhood, in the end, all of these problems culminated when she was a teenager so she started to take various brutal actions. . actions that ordinary humans would not even think of. Alexia's character briefly reminds me of Michael Myres in the Halloween film series, who both have an obsession with killing without thinking to find their true self.

The scenes shown in this film also seem unbearable, one example is when Alexia kills her friend armed only with a needle that she usually uses to support her hair, I don't know what it's called, but the main thing is to support her hair so it doesn't unravel. With such a simple tool, he could kill multiple people at once without fuss, just like a psychopath who doesn't need guns or other objects that are more likely to kill people, he just uses hairpins. , that's crazy.

Just like the Raw film, the story presented in Titane also seems very bleak, those of you who watched it definitely won't understand why the main character did all that, what are the benefits? An example is the scene where Alexia forces herself to become Adrien, the son of a firefighter who has been missing for 10 years, to get protection and escape from the police.

What's worse, Alexia did all of that while pregnant, so inevitably her stomach and breasts had to be pressed down with a cloth so they wouldn't get caught. Not only that, but Alexia also deliberately cut her nose to perfect her disguise. It's sadistic, but that's how it looks. I often close my eyes when I see this film because of the brutal scenes committed by the main characters.

The thing that I regret about this film lies from the middle to the end. For some reason, I started to feel a pressure drop which was initially full of brutal scenes, but in the middle of the story, the focus is more on character development so it is more towards the drama genre. The tempo is very different from what was originally full of blood, starting to shift to the drama of a family relationship that has lost its child for 10 years. Yes, this Alexia will become Adrien and start living like an ordinary human in general. All his sadistic behavior seems to vanish because he has to try to convince Adrien's father that he is a prodigal son.

Starting from there, the story will have a slightly slower tempo, so this film seems to have wasted its potential as one of the most brutal films in 2021. is lost.



I gave a score of 6 Titane because this film managed to amaze me with the brutal scenes that were shown. Even though I regret that the storyline could have been packaged more, it's okay, this film is still good, and worth watching for those of you who like brutal or deviant scenes because that's the work of director Julia Ducournau in making movies.

Anyway, I'm waiting for Julia Ducournau's movie like this in the future, hopefully, it will be better and more brutal than this.



That's all I can say about the Titane movie review. If there are criticisms or suggestions from you, please just write them in the comments column.


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