Intrusion (2021) Movie Review

Intrusion (2021)

Intrusion is a thriller film directed by Adam Salky which was just released at the end of last September. This film tells the story of a couple, Henry Parsons (Logan Marshall-Green) and Meera Parsons (Freida Pinto), who experience terror in their new home. They are lovers who have been together for 12 years. However, his wife, Meera Parsons, had cancer and was diagnosed with infertility which ultimately left the lovers childless.

Even so, they still live happy life. Especially now that the husband's career is on the rise so that they can build a luxurious house located in remote areas, far from the atmosphere of the city to strengthen their relationship.

However, after only a few months in the luxurious house, they began to be terrorized by a crime family who seemed to be looking for something in the house, which turned out to have a dark secret that they did not want to reveal.

The concept presented by Intrusion is very good because we will be forced to distrust every character that is shown throughout this film. Yes, it's the same as films that are in the mystery genre, some puzzles will start to appear later, especially when Meera Parsons finally finds out that there was a special reason why the crime family terrorized her house.

This film has quite an interesting plot to follow. However, somehow I feel the ending of this story is so predictable. From the start, Intrusion did provide surprises, but entering the middle of the film, the figure of the main antagonist of this film has begun to be seen clearly. The story shown seems to have no progress, as if after the family that terrorized the house died, the antagonist must have stayed in that house, nothing else.

You could say that this Intrusion only has a solid plot at the beginning of the film, especially during the scene where the crime family terrorizes and messes up the entire contents of Meera Parsons' house. Seeing that scene, at first, I thought this film would be like The Strangers which is very tense from beginning to end because later all the occupants of the house will become targets of endless terror from unknown people. However, it turns out that the entire terrorizing crime family was gunned down by Meera's husband.

Another thing that I regret about this film is the ending, which in my opinion was too hasty. Yes, how come a person who can be considered a psychopath dies with just one hit, especially since he only fought 2 girls in a house far from the city? That's how easily he was defeated and the film ended immediately, just like that.

Usually, in thriller films, there are chases, fights, or at least the mentality of the victim is tormented. However, in this Intrusion film, there are very few impressions like that, as a result, the antagonist doesn't look too evil, and there is no desire to kill him because what he does is not too painful. If the crime is only about detaining other people's children, in my opinion, the film Girl in the Basement even has a far more sinister picture than this film.

So, is Intrusion still worth watching? In my personal opinion, this film is still worth watching because the story is very enjoyable, and the plot is not convoluted, so it's good to watch to unwind after work or college. In addition, the short duration (about 90 minutes) makes the story shown not too long-winded.



Thanks to the acting from Freida Pinto and Logan Marshall-Green which is quite satisfying. Apart from that, the house used in this film is also pleasing to the eye, not boring (yes, it's called a luxury house).

Oh yes, the duration, which is only about 90 minutes, is also a plus in itself, because this duration is perfect for taking a break from work, so it doesn't feel like you're wasting too much time.



That's all I can say about the Intrusion movie review. If there are criticisms or suggestions from you, please just write them in the comments column.


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