The Green Knight (2021) Movie Review

The Green Knight

The Green Knight is a film adaptation of one of the famous poems in the 14th century entitled "Sir Gawain and The Green Knight". That's why the feel of this film is full of artistic nuances in historical style, showing the legendary Arthurian era, where honor was above all. Produced by A24, which is famous for modern horror genres such as Hereditary and Midsommar, it's only natural that you will feel the tense atmosphere again like in these 2 films when you watch this film.

The Green Knight tells the story of Sir Gawain, King Arthur's nephew who tries to gain honor by accepting a challenge from the Green Knight, who is a forest monster to play in his Christmas games. At first, the game seems like a normal game, but it turns out that it's the end of the game that will test Sir Gawain himself's a well-deserved honor.

Most of the story in this film will focus on Sir Gawain's journey to find the Green Knight, passing through various forest areas and rivers which of course will be very boring to see considering that such sights are commonplace on a journey. However, this is covered by the good acting quality of Dev Patel who plays Sir Gawain which is very interesting to watch. Although the dialogue he brought was very little, his performance was very good to reflect Sir Gawain who was full of doubts and doubts.

Along the way, Sir Gawain will also be filled with various obstacles which in my opinion are more like trials for the honor he deserves. For example, during the scene where Sir Gawain meets Winfred, a female spirit who asks for Sir Gawain's help to retrieve her severed head at the bottom of a spring. Sir Gawain should not have asked for a reward after he had rendered a favor, for such behavior did not reflect an honorary knight.

The same thing happened when Sir Gawain agreed to My Lady's temptation by offering a spell that would later be tied around Sir Gawain's waist to protect him from various disturbances of magic and other black magic. Master Gawain immediately accepted the madam's teasing, which ultimately led the madam to regard Mr. Gawain as someone who was not a knight.

The ending of this film also raised big questions for the audience, especially for those of you who don't know the legend of Arthurian. However, the storyline that is presented seems to make us interested in continuing to watch it until the film ends. This film reminds me of another A24 production film entitled The Killing of a Sacred Deer, where the final meaning of the story in the film is not clearly shown but is made to increase the audience's curiosity to find out more about what the legend is about. picked up in the film.

The Green Knight may not have an easy ending to conclude, but in general, this film manages to tell how an adaptation of a work of art itself is. Starting from its nuances, this film is described as a fragment of a poem with parts of the film that seem to be told in their respective chapters.

This film is also rich in messages, where in the ending you will find out that honor earned unfairly will eventually have an impact on life in the future. Every decision taken, every action chosen, will surely lead to the appropriate result.



Since the beginning, this film has presented an interesting nuance when compared to other films. The quality of the music and the selection of back songs used in this film also deserve thumbs up. Apart from that, the quality of Dev Patel's acting as Sir Gawain is also very interesting to watch, thus adding to the positive value of this film.

Seeing the various uniqueness that is displayed, in my opinion, The Green Knight deserves to be a good watch for those of you who want to watch a film with a simple storyline, but rich in learning value. Coupled with the many positive reviews from film critics, there's nothing wrong with including The Green Knight on your movie watch list.



That's all for my post this time regarding the film review of The Green Knight. Tell us in the comments column what you think about this film.


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